Signs of a Supernatural Connection

If you have ever been able to tell what someone was thinking without them saying a word or sensed a loved one was in danger, you probably have a psychic link. A psychic link is a deep connection between two people that goes well beyond physical limitations. This mingling of personal energies allows individuals to communicate things without words and without physical proximity which defies reason and logic.

These links form between people when strong emotions exist. Emotions are simply powerful thought patterns that objectively direct personal energy so we can form attachments. These attachments can then create a way for psychic channels to open that allows for extra sensory perception. Our strong feelings for someone can cause us to connect to someone on seen and unseen levels. A psychic link forms quicker when you are highly invested in someone and their well-being.

Psychic links are most common among family members, but can form with anyone you are very close to in life. If strong emotions, good or bad, are present, the more likely a link will form. Strong emotions are common when a past life connection exists as well. This could be indicated by meeting someone for the first time, but feeling linked. Usually, these links are one sided, but they can be on both sides. When both sides form it is a strong emotional connection that has stood the test of time.

Though these links are possible for anyone, those with strong intuition are more likely to form them. Any time you are thinking of someone else, you are linked to their field, but you must realize it. Everything is made up of energy and a psychic link is a matter of direction for attention and awareness. There are signs to point to a connection with someone in your life.

Signs of a Link

  • A sense of where someone is in the world
  • An occurrence of thinking of them the moment they were struggling in some way
  • Feeling their feelings when they are not around
  • Sympathy pains
  • Feeling they will contact you before they do
  • A feeling that they will get news, good or bad, and they do
  • A sense of their thoughts
  • Sensing danger for someone else
  • Anticipation of needs
  • Recognizing secrets or lies
  • Sensing an upcoming decision, good or bad
  • You can offer beneficial advice to that person
  • You are affected by their moods when not involved
  • You hear that person call your name, even when they are nowhere close by
  • Dreaming about that person, knowing something is happening
  • Recognizing major life changes before they happen for them
  • Emulation when together
  • Synchronicity without planning

If you do not have a psychic link to someone, but wish to create one it is possible. Take time daily to focus on the person and send thoughts of good, wellness, and love. Try to pick up on their energy and over time a link can form. These are soul level relationships that align people on multiple levels. If this link exists, cherish it. If not, try to create new ones to deeply connect with others.

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