Karmic Debt

If you have ever been in a situation or time in your life where it feels like nothing that you can do will bring you joy or peace, chances are that you are suffering from something deep.  If you find that you are suffering and you want to get rid of your pain, you must get rid of the bad karma that has attached itself to you.

No matter how bad karma is, the universe loves you and will help you to handle it.  The universe gives you a chance to handle each thing that comes your way and will not give you things that you really cannot handle.  You have to learn to manage bad karma and to understand what is going on with your life.


Karma is something that comes with consequences.  If you have done something in your past, it is a law of cause and effect.  Each action that we have has a reaction.  This can be your fate or destiny.

Each action does not have to be physical; it can also be mental and emotional.  It can be a thought or word that you have spoken to someone.  The action also has an intention and the intention is what matters.  For some things you do, there will be an immediate karmic consequence.  But, for most actions, it is later in life or in a next life that you will face the outcome.

The law of karma is a universal law and it is always in action.  The law of karma says that you know who you are and what you will be.  Everyone has to submit to karma and cannot fight it.

Everything that is around us will result in our karma and our actions.

Whatever is happening in your life right now is happening because of things you have done in your past or in another lifetime.

Cause and effect go together hand in hand and each cause has some type of effect.  The universe is not random, and it does not limit us.

Karma is not to punish you; it is to teach your soul a lesson and to allow you to grow.  When you want to know what is happening in your life, you have to understand your own self and know that you have to go through hard times in order to grow.

Types of Karma

  • Sanchita Karma-karma that has accumulated over time.
  • Prarbdha Karma-Karma that comes when it is time to experience something and it cannot be controlled.
  • Agami Karma-this has been accumulated now and will come to action in the future.

Good Versus Bad Karma

Karma is different and does not work toward good or bad.  This will come where there is good and evil and what is being done.

Karma does not decide between good and evil and when a person is doing something good, they are enjoying good karma and when they are having bad times, they are experiencing bad karma.

Action done by each individual has a difference consequence.  Not everyone is the same.  Someone might kill someone on purpose and their karma will be different than that of a soldier.

Handling Bad Karma

When you experience karma, you have to know how to handle it.  You cannot stop it and you have to learn to allow the experience to come from your past actions.  If karma is good karma then it will be sweet and if it is negative karma it will be bitter.  Divine grace helps us to work through our karma.


Karma is a point of healing and teaching and you have to take full responsibility for your karma.  Even though this does not always seem fair, you have to be responsible for your own life and what karma brings you.  Accepting it allows you to heal but you will only reach self-realization when you admit why you have karma.

Don’t Resign

Everything that happens in your life works with the law of karma and all of your actions are already created.  You will have karma that is pre-determined by what actions you will have.  When you deal with karma it can shape your life.


You have to identify who you are and work through the emotions of your karma.  This can be hard depending on the situation, but it is necessary for you to make it through.

Stop Negative Karma

You have to top doing things that is causing you to have negative karma.  Start living a good life and od things that will give you an action of good karma.  Detach yourself to the bad things you are doing and bring in positive karma.

Bad Karma

You need to know what the root of your bad karma is and you can do this by taking responsibility of your actions.  You have your past and you have to figure out what is crating your bad karma.  Figure out what your inner enemies are.

Negative Situations

You need to get rid of things in your life that are negative and are causing you to be broken.  Work towards living in the light and having a better situation in your life.


You must learn to forgive yourself and others.  As long as you have unforgiveness, you will have bad karma.  This is a cycle you have to let go of.

If you are angry at yourself, you have to work towards loving yourself and forgiving yourself.

You have to fix the wrongs that you have made with others and ask them to forgive you.  Mean it when you ask.

When you seek forgiveness you will stop the bad karma from coming into your life and you will remove yourself from these bonds.


Have a positive attitude and work towards having good karma come into your life.

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