Guide to Your Spirit Guides

Life is hard but you do not have to do life alone.  There are a group of guides that are on the earth and in the universe that are with you to help you make the most out of your life.  They want to give you insight and to protect you from things in this world.  All you have to do is allow them.

People connect with their spirit guides that are invisible through the energies of the universe.  As you are moving throughout the world, your guides will give you energies and will influence your every move and protect you from negative things around you.

You might want to know why your spirit guides are taking time to guide you and keep you safe but they are invested in you because you are an expansion of their awareness and they want to serve you as a human.  They want you to become spiritual and reach a higher realm in your life.


There are different guides that can help you through your journey such as:

Master Guide

The master guide is the top of the team and they are usually someone in your soul family.  They help you to find your destiny and to inspire you.

Guardian Angel

Your angel is there to keep you safe and to watch you while you are on earth.

Relationship Guide

Your guide that is your relationship guide will help to bring in relationships that will be positive in your life from family members to lovers and everything in between.

Healing Guide

The healing guides are there to make sure that you are safe in your body and mind.  These people can come in the form of doctors or therapists.

Inspirational Guides

Those that are there to give you a higher truth and to teach you spiritual things are your inspirational guides.

All of these guides are just a few of the guides that you could experience at any moment.  Many of them will be human and some are even from your soul family.  They are there to help you and to work through you.


It is important that you are thankful to your guides and you are mindful of them.  When you wake up, always be thankful and know what you are thinking.  Have intentions on being kind and doing what is right.  Talk about yourself and the paths you are going to go on and your beliefs to your spirit guides.

Let your spirit guides know what you are feeling and do not be negative.  Be positive and train yourself to be aware of those around you.  Your thoughts can affect your whole being.

When you shower, let the water cleanse you and picture your positive energies flowing through your body.  Pay attention to the light in your cell and muscles.  Let the light flow through you and imagine that the energies are flowing down your body and the negative energies are going down the drain.

The universe will take care of you and the golden light will balance you and bring you awareness and peace.

When you are ready to leave, ask the guides to go before you and to send you positive thoughts and good vibrations.  Send good thoughts to the universe and it can come back to you.

Set your intentions each day and make it a habit to say positive things before you even start your day so you can stay calm and balanced.


Make sure that you connect with your spirit guides each day and don’t let a day go by when you don’t speak to them.

You can never form a strong relationship if you do not let their presence be there with you.

Connecting with Them

There are different ways that you can invite your guides to you and here are some ways:


Make sure that you give your guides a sacred space where they can come.  Ground yourself and allow the guides to fill you and your chakras.

Invite Them

The guides will not come unless you ask them to.  You have free will and you need to make them feel welcome.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply and allow your body to relax.  Ask your spirit guides to come with you and once you get a sign that your guide is with you, surrender yourself to your feelings.

Let your guides give you visions or thoughts and be open minded to what they say to you.

Once you are ready, ask them to guide you and to give you assistance.  Ask them to give you information that you need from them.

When you sit with your guides in the space that you make for them, they will protect you and guide you.  Listen to what they are saying to you and then thank them for being with you.

Take some deep breaths and go back into your body and then raise your arms to make sure that you are centered.

Learn About Them

When you know more about your guides, the more they will show themselves to you.  Ask them questions like these:

  • What is your name?
  • Have you ever lived on Earth?
  • How can I know if you are with me?
  • Why are you my guide?
  • How can you help me?


Take time to journal what you are thinking and feeling throughout your day.  Let your guides talk to you through your mind and write it all down.  If you want, you an even draw a picture.

Be Aware

Even when you are busy, you need to be aware when your guides come and want to stay for a moment.  See if your energies change and when they come, they will have a message for you.

Earthly Guides

If someone has touched you in your life and protected you, know that there are earthly guides just as there are spiritual guides.  These people come into your life and are meant to be with you to help you with everything that goes on for you.

There are many people that you will connect with that will save you and keep you safe and comfort you in times of need.  These bonds will be unique and powerful.

Guides are there to be with you and guides can be people on earth such as your friends or family or they can be spirit guides that are not on the earth, but the important thing is, is that they are yours.  Make sure that you know that you are blessed to have these people and spirits in your life.

When you meet someone that becomes a companion in your life, chances are that you will be open to them and they will give you guide and support.  They will never leave you and will always believe in you.

When you have an earth guide, you have someone that will impact you for the better in your life and have a strong effect on you.  They will be there to help you and to assist you in all that you do.  Know that this is a gift and that this is a good thing.


Many people have some questions that people ask:

  • Can I reach the spirits in their realm? You can draw your spirit guides to you as you walk through your journey.
  • Are there a certain number of spirit guides that I have? There is no amount of spirit guides that you have, it depends on what your soul needs.
  • Are the guides always there with me? The guides will be there as long as you ask them to be there with you.
  • How can I learn their names? The names are not always important, but you can ask them for their names and if they want to give it to you, they will.
  • How can I tell if my guides are reaching out to me? You might feel a cool breeze or have an idea that pops into your mind or you might get goosebumps.  Everyone has a different experience with this.

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