Signs of Being a Clairsentient

Being clairsentient means that you have clear feeling which means that you know things clearly, but you don’t know how. This can happen when you have a gut feelings or strong emotions.

When you are clairsentient, you will have a heart chakra that works very well, and you might have been told that you were overly sensitive. If people have told you this, let it be a complement to you because having the giftings of a psychic will allow you to help others. You might feel that being sensitive is better than other giftings because it can help you to relate to people.

Signs of Being Clairvoyant

Here are signs that you might be clairvoyant:

  • You have strong emotions.
  • You know things about people, places, and things.
  • You are told you are overly sensitive.
  • You feel compassion for others.
  • You find it hard to watch the news because it upsets you.
  • You know things even when you aren’t looking.
  • You feel the energies change when you are in a room.
  • You can know a problem right away.
  • You feel that something is wrong sometimes.
  • You feel positive feelings or negative feelings about someone right when you meet them.
  • Crowds are overwhelming.
  • You feel spirits close to you.
  • You feel the history of place you visit.
  • You feel like you might be an old soul.
  • You have spiritual experiences that you can’t understand or explain.

If you feel these things, then chances are that you are clairsentient.

Knowing Your Insight

If you are someone that is clairsentient then you are probably clairvoyant as well. You may be an empath and be able to sense the feelings of others and emotions. You might be able to figure out what animals are feeling. The difference between a clairsentient and someone else is that they are able to take what they are feeling and analyze it.

These people often feel compassion for others and become doctors, healers, counselors, or some other helping job.

The vibrations of the clairsentient can be negative or positive. You need to make sure that you look at your feelings when you meet new people. Figure out if your feelings are yours or someone else’s. Do you feel that you are judging someone correctly or misjudging them? Maybe you feel pain and you find out that someone that you met has that same pain.

You might feel like you are changing and becoming more confident in your life. If you love to be appreciated and happy then you will see that this gifting is great for you.


You will pick up feelings of people around you such as your friends, family, or your partner. You will be able to know what someone is feeling without them telling you. This will be something that you experience in real life, and it will not be like the movies. Your feelings will be real.

You have to learn to trust and believe in yourself and know your feelings. Even if you have a negative feeling, it can be a sign that you need to stay away from that situation or not get in the middle of things. Having strong vibrations is a good thing and you need to not be afraid because the spirits will be there to keep you safe.

Pay attention when you feel something and do not just ignore it. Learn to listen and don’t think you are overreacting. Pay attention to how you feel and the logic that you are telling yourself. Don’t even tell yourself that you are paranoid but listen to your senses all the time.

We will often ignore what we are feeling, and you will end up regretting it in life. It might seem like someone comes around and makes you feel weird and if this happens then you will need to get away from that person. How often have you just been nice and acted like things were fine because you didn’t want to seem impolite.  If you don’t want to seem impolite to people you meet, make an excuse but you need to be careful what you are feeling and take it as a sign.

Developing Your Giftings

If you feel that you are clairsentient and you have this gifting, then you need to focus on it and learn to develop it. Pay attention to how you feel when certain people are around and get your giftings strong.

Another way to develop your clairsentient giftings is through psychometry. This is when you can read the energies of an object or place around you. You can hold the object in your hand and try to feel the vibrations of the object. Figure out where it has been and what is has seen.

Get your friend to give you an object and then tell your friend what you feel. If you feel calm, then tell your friend. Find out if you feel sad, angry, excited, anxious, or intense. Look to see if you have images or if you feel down. Describe what you are feeling to the people around you and then let them tell you about the history behind the object.

Love and Trust

If you are someone that feels the feelings of others, then you are probably an empath and full of love and compassion. This gift can help you to read the past, present and future. You may be sensitive to the energy around you but learn to listen to it and learn to embrace your giftings.

When you experience this gifting, you can learn to trust yourself and if you need help, ask a psychic to guide you in all your giftings.

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