Have I Found a Soulmate That Loves Me?

There are times when readers, who are also friends, like to get together to talk and support each other. This is a time to discuss the big issues that clients bring, like the questions about soulmates. Questions about soulmates are some of the most common for psychic readers. Psychic friends exist in different faiths and originate from different countries. Some have been reading only a few years while some have been readers for a decade or more. Some come from backgrounds with mental health training, working as therapists, while others work within the business world. Ages also vary to create a highly diverse group.

When talk turns to soulmates, the group first tries to come to an agreement on what the term actually means. There is still not a full agreement on this, but there is agreement on the fact that some people who are alive today have had previous relationships in past lives and some of those relationships were so deep, committed, and meaningful that they still feel connected. The group can also agree that some people who meet today feel quite familiar and close in other ways that people alive do not. The group can agree that those special people can be called soulmates. Another definition of a soulmate is a person who is either someone we were once close to in a previous life or someone born with the same human design as we are in this life. These are actually two separate things. People known from past lives bring a kind of energy to the relationship that does not happen in any other form. This is often intense. Along similar lines, people who have been designed in the same way can also bring an intensity to a relationship, but it is on a different level of that of a past life kindred spirit.

When a client asks if someone specific is a soulmate, most psychics will try to help them discover which of the two people described above they are talking about. They could either be a person from a past life or built in a similar human design. What psychics can agree on about soulmates is that they are here to help us learn and grow in such a way that karma is improved. This does not mean that they are necessarily mean that they are going to be the one person who you love or that loves you for eternity though it can mean they are your true one without you being theirs or vice versa. This person may be in your life to remind you of some forgotten things about yourself and that you need to remember to clear a karmic debt. They could also appear in your life to offer support as a friend. There are numerous reasons a soulmate appears.

It is important to remember that a soulmate is a person who happens to be in your life to help clear karma. This allows you to view them as they are and their real purpose. Just because you love someone and believe they may be your soulmate does not mean they are a slave to what you want or who you want them to be. This is important to keep in mind.

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