He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

So you finally met an interesting guy, and you’ve gone on a few dates with him. You think that you may be falling in love with him, but you’ve felt that way before and ended up getting hurt. You’re determined that you won’t go through that again. You decide to hold off on your own feelings, to see if he falls in love with you first. That sounds like a good plan, but what if you can’t follow it? What if you’re falling for him anyway?

You need some evidence to know how he’s feeling. Here are seven ways you can tell that he is falling in love with you, followed by seven other signs that show that maybe he’s not.

Seven Signs He’s Falling in Love

  1. He wants to be near you. He wants to fill all of his senses with you. He wants to look at you, feel your skin, smell your hear, hear your voice. He takes advantage of every opportunity to be in close proximity to you. You often find that he was looking at you when you weren’t looking at him.
  2. He is interested in you and listens to you. Some men hear what women say, but they’re really just waiting for them to stop talking. When he’s genuinely interested, he will let you continue on with what you’re saying, then he’ll react by asking questions. He’ll remember past conversations, and follow up with actions and further conversations. The things you expressed to him have become important to him, and he wants to be involved in your life, so he listens.
  3. He will talk to you, and not just surface conversations. He tells you how he’s feeling. He’ll tell you about his past in ways that are relevant to the current conversation. He’s developing trust in you, and is becoming more and more willing to share his inner thoughts and secrets with you.
  4. He brags to his friends about you. He likes you, and he’s not afraid to let others know. He shows you off to others, and is pleased when they have positive reactions.
  5. He is increasingly putting your needs before his, and is always looking out for you. Your well-being has become a main concern of his. He strives to ensure you’re comfortable, and makes sure you always arrive home safely.
  6. He asks to introduce you to his family. He wants to show you off to everyone. When it happens, you hear plenty of laughter and even some gentle teasing, but it quickly becomes obvious that they are fond of you too and think he has chosen well.
  7. He tells you that he thinks he may be falling in love with you.

Seven Signs He’s Not

  1. He cancels dates with you because he made other plans. If he loved you, spending time with you would be a priority. He would include you in those plans.
  2. He doesn’t contact you with any regularity. He only contacts you when it seems he doesn’t have anything else that would be better to do. If he loved you, he would make it a point to contact you often, even if it’s just to check that you’re okay or to hear your voice.
  3. He’d rather be with his friends than with you. If his friends are priority over you, it’s possibly because your relationship is just in the beginning stages. But if you’ve become more involved and he is still spending more time with his friends than with you, he probably isn’t in love with you quite yet, and may never be.
  4. He does not listen to you. He may be distracted or show signs of impatience when you try to discuss anything with him that’s important to you. He doesn’t care and doesn’t want to hear about it.
  5. He constantly talks about himself. He boasts and cares too much about how he looks. He may even belittle you in an effort to make himself feel better. If he loved you, he would never treat you that way.
  6. He’s hesitant to introduce you to his family or friends, and doesn’t even mention you to them. This makes you feel like you’re his dirty little secret.
  7. He picks fights for no apparent reason, and he doesn’t apologize for them. He expects you to show up for your next date like it didn’t even happen.

Still Unsure?

Your relationship may or may not be showing the specifics of the signs listed above. Here are some more ways you can see if your relationship has a future:

  • The two of you are able to have fun times together. You always look forward to seeing each other because you can make each other laugh. But you’re also able to have serious heart-to-heart discussions together.
  • You’re both disappointed when your time together ends. You can’t leave each other without making plans for the next date.
  • You both can forgive each other. In every relationship, there will be situations when one party says the wrong thing or accidentally upsets the other person. Offering an apology or forgiveness as warranted is a sure sign of a healthy relationship.
  • It’s easy for the two of you just to be together. You enjoy the pauses just as much as you enjoy the conversation. Hold hands has become natural for the two of you. The insignificant details of daily life have come to take on new meanings because you’re experiencing them together. You’ve come to know and respect what each other prefers. You’ve learned how he likes his coffee. He understands that you’re quiet in the morning because you prefer to wake up gradually.
  • You share similar goals, and make plans together. You’ve begun to include each other in the visions you have for the future. Eventually, you can’t picture being apart. Then you know it’s love!

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