A soulmate is someone who we share a special sort of ongoing connection with. What makes it special is that the connection continues throughout various times and places over multiple lifetimes. We’re not attracted to another person at a soul level because that person is a unique complement to us. It’s because being with a soulmate somehow completes us and allows us to become whole.

Have you ever felt a heightened sense of recognition or awareness when meeting the eyes of a stranger for the first time? Maybe you even felt a magnetic, almost magical energy. Could that person be your soulmate? Do you feel like you finally connected with your other half? The feeling of déjà vu could be a sign of the real thing. That person may, in fact, be your soulmate!

Finding Your Soulmate

When meeting your soulmate, there is an instant feeling of a deep knowledge of the person. You feel like you’ve met that person before, but you can’t place when or where. It would be difficult to resist the energy you’re feeling. Some people spend their whole lives looking for their soulmate. They may even be tempted to view that person as the answer to all their dreams.

Although the feelings upon meeting your soulmate can be deeply profound, rest assured, you can live without your soulmate, even if you’ve found them already. There’s always a reason we meet people from past lives; your soulmate could have been connected to you in many different forms, not just as a love interest.

We’ve all lived many lifetimes before our present physical incarnation. Your soulmate may have been or could currently be a parent, a friend, a sibling, a friend, or even an enemy! Your soul is linked to hundreds, or likely even thousands, of other peoples’ souls. There are often links to people we’re in current relationships with.

Lessons Learned

Sometimes we’re destined to spend the rest of our lives with our soulmates, and even to be romantically connected. But it’s more common for the energy of a soulmate relationship to be too overwhelming for the relationship to last. Even if the relationship ends, we learn valuable lessons. Those lessons may involve learning not to be too good to someone else, or how to let go, or how to give unconditional love. Many lessons are involved in each relationship we experience. Remember that even if you’re experiencing that deep connection with someone else right now, you may not be destined to stay together with that soulmate until death separates you once again.

People don’t always get to decide who they’re going to love. Loving someone links you to them by energy. When love is at its best, the link goes both ways. If your soulmate isn’t returning, or is changing the energy, it becomes something else. When that happens, no one is growing or learning from the relationship.

This can be distracting to both parties in the relationship. It’s not healthy for either person involved. Focusing all of your energy on somebody is like shrinking your own physical being.

Strong emotional attachments that are established in love are difficult to unravel. These attachments can exist in nearly all relationships. But if you think you’re losing a connection with your soulmate, you can begin to feel desperate. And thoughts are energy.

If you’re fixating on someone else, you may be the source of the strong emotional ties to the other person. And even if you come to realize the other person is no good for you, you may be unable to break that focus on them. This feeds the attachment, and ultimately becomes unhealthy for the source. And the other person may feel like their energy is being drained by the one who is fixated, or that the one who is fixated is a physical threat.

Severing Connections

If someone says you are their soulmate but you don’t agree, you may need to sever the attachment they’re feeling. It may help you to visualize the attachment. Imagine you’re letting the person free in order for them to find their true happiness and purpose, and perhaps their true soulmate. Let them move towards healing and light, and always wish them well. You may even find it helpful for closure to imagine a cord being severed by a hand or a sharp implement.

After the attachment has been severed, you should prepare to face what the future holds. You should seek to surround yourself with a white light, for inspiration and protection. You’ve let go of that attachment. Even though some attachments are less healthy and happy than others, you found that person for a reason.

Cutting the attachments that bound you to one relationship may allow you the opportunity to meet another soulmate, which may be one to bring you great joy. That opportunity will present itself when the time is right.

It’s possible that you could benefit from a psychic love reading, in order to make your feelings more clear. The reading may also enlighten you as you seek to understand how or why a current romantic relationship is ending. We feel deep and intense affection and sexual and romantic attachments when we’re in a love relationship. Love can be the most important spiritual experience that people ever have. Love inspires us to sacrifice for others. Love is an energy that connects everyone together at the spiritual level and may be the strongest force in the universe.

It’s common for popular culture to view this deep feeling of tenderness and fondness as a positive thing. Pop music, TV shows and movies frequently idealize romantic love. But despite the beauty and romance and beauty in love energy, it can turn deadly. Even if you’ve found someone you lived past lives with, it could prove to be toxic in this life.

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