Raising Vibrations for Your Soulmate

When your spiritual life is growing, and you are experiencing an awakening chance are that you will have a connection with the universe than you ever thought was possible.

You might read books and have a spiritual shift, or you might have an increase in your consciousness and be aware and attract new people into your life.  Most likely, these people will have the same awakening.

The world around you could be changing too and having a conscious awakening, and this could happen because of the Law of Vibration.  This is one of the 12 laws of the universe that says that when the universe vibrates that everything has its own frequency.  The energies that are released and increase or decrease depending on what is going on around them.

Vibrational Frequencies

When you think about the Law of Vibration, you will understand that there will be people that automatically begin coming into your circle.  They will go out of your circle as well and sometimes leave you feeling that they left you and there was no closure.  You will have people that will talk about how they were not good enough to be your friend or that they are not on the same level as you.

The truth is that this is true and when your vibrational frequencies raise, you will be on the different level of others that have lower vibrations than you and sometimes they are removed from your life.

This doesn’t mean that you are too good for that person, it just means that you are in a different vibrational category and this means that you either have to level down or you sometimes have to choose to move on and be on with people that are different than you are used to.

You will find that everyone has different personalities and vibrations and they can improve but you don’t want to make them better because that is not your job.

Even with your personal relationships there are chances that you will want to break up with someone because your journey is different than the person you are with.  You will have a time where you might have a spiritual awakening and they are not, and this can cause you to have emotional and mental stress with them.

Once you can get over the fact that you are no longer together, you will be happier and healthy in your body and you will see that you can find relationships that are better for you and ones that will help you to be happier and have more fun.


There are times where you will get rid of relationships because you do not feel that they are working out with you.  Even if you have the same vibrations, that doesn’t mean things are perfect and you are working together like the universe wants.  There can be a shift in energies and make the separation necessary.  There will be times when you cannot work out your differences.

Vibrations work through people, feelings and actions and you have to learn to control how you are feeling and not go through jealousy, self-doubt and anger.  You have to get rid of these or they will bring down your vibrations.

Higher Self

If you want to raise your vibrations, you have to find things in your life that bring you happiness.  You have to learn to forgive and to accept people and be gracious.

When you are walking in nature, meditating, praying or talking to a friend that gives you happiness, there is nothing that can happen except you can increase your vibrations and become stronger.  Set your intentions on something positive and be mindful of who you are and try to reach your higher self.

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