Dating a Player

Being played sucks and it happens to the best of us. When this is happening to you, you want to know right away so that you can decide if you want to move on and find someone else before you get your heart broken.

Here are some signs he is playing you:

  • Keeps His Phone Hidden

Everyone likes and deserves their privacy but if you have someone that you are dating and they make it obvious to keep their phone hidden from you, this could be a sign that he is talking to other women.

  • He Doesn’t Say What He’s Doing

If your guy isn’t telling you what he is doing or if he is vague about it, he is keeping secrets from you, and you should avoid being with a guy like this. He probably is hiding where he has been because he is with someone else.

  • Half Truth

Your guy should be honest with you because trust is the building block of any relationship. If he is always changing what he said or hiding things from you, chances are that he is keeping secrets and you need to move on.

  • He Disappears

If your guy seems to disappear out of nowhere and you are early on in dating, he might not be the guy for you. If you are with someone longer though and they don’t reply to you or talk to you for days or even hours, then chances are you aren’t the right one for him.

  • Won’t Get to Know Who You Are

If he is interested in, you then he is going to want to know more about you. If he doesn’t do this, then chances are he just wants sex, and he is playing you. Dating someone should mean that you are getting to know each other, and you are concentrating on who that person is.

  • Text Signs

A guy that is playing you will make you feel bad, and it is a waste of your time. You need to know that someone is playing you right away so that you can move on and find someone that actually cares about you.

Some relationships start online, and this can be harder to tell if someone is playing you or not. When you are text dating, chances are you can tell that he likes you or not such as:

  • Leaving You on Read

If you he is always leaving you on read and isn’t replying to your messages, then chances are that he is playing games with you. He should be answering you and if he isn’t, move on already.

  • No Reply

Another thing, if he stops replying to you for no reason and then texts you back the next day or even hours later, he is probably not so busy that he can’t talk to you. This guy is playing you.

  • Canceling Through Text

You have gotten all ready for your date and then you get a text that says that he can’t make it. This guy has no respect for you or the time that you put into getting ready for him. You aren’t his priority, and he is either too busy for you or he is playing you and not worth your time.

  • Asking for Pics

Sexting might be fun but when your guy has nothing to ask you but about nudes, you need to cut this player out of your life as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

You need to be careful with your heart and if you find that your guy is playing you, learn from it and move on while you still have your strength and dignity left.

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