Are You Linked?

The universe is sure to connect us with different relationships.  Some of them are perfect and bring positive things to our lives while others are full of negativity.  Even though all relationships might not be positive, each relationship that the universe gives you is a lesson that you are meant to learn.

Some relationships might be romantic, while others are just friendships and family, each one can bring you a better understanding of who you are.  If you are cosmically linked, you will see that your relationship might not be normal, and it might be one that shows you who you are.


A cosmic connection is one that might not be easy.  This type of relationship might make you feel uncomfortable at times and might not be easy.  You might feel challenged more and feel that you are not at peace or having joy.

When your senses are showing you something, you have to learn that you are on a new path and that you might have someone cosmically placed in your path so that they can show you how important that your life is.


Sometimes these relationships will last and sometimes they won’t.  Not all relationships last forever and some of them are just lessons that we are meant to learn about life and energy.  These relationships allow us to grow something new and to learn lessons that need to happen to make us stronger or better.


Some cosmic relationships will be different and they are ones that bring happiness and healing to our lives.  If you were ever so alone and idnd’t know how you were going to make it, the universe might send you a cosmic relationship in order to help you learn and heal.  Maybe you have been in a relationship that failed and you have not been able to grow or to move on.  These are people in our lives that have hurt us and so when the universe brings you another person that can help you to move on and heal, then these relationships are cosmic.

The healing type of relationship will teach you to move forward and teach you that loving someone is the right thing and it can be healthy.

Relationships that allow us to heal are ones that come when we have experienced trauma or heartbreak.  These connections are strong and remind us that love is important and that we can be accepted.  These relationships show us that adventure awaits us and that we were there for a specific purpose.  These relationships help to heal our souls and to take away our pains.  Healthy and healing relationships allow us to move forward in our lives and to grow and find peace.

It is normal for us to want to be in relationships with people that honor us and connect with us.  We want to have a relationship that has a purpose and that brings us joy.  Cosmic relationships might seem strange and might not seem normal, but in the end, these are the types of relationships where we will learn to honor each other and we will learn to listen to the support and guidance that our spiritual guides are showing us and we will learn to accept the love and support that we deserve.

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