Learn to Use Sexual Intimacy to Connect with Aural Energy

When you are in a relationship you hope that the sex is good and natural and that it becomes very deep with you and your partner. You will want to be in a place where you can let yourself go and have a complete orgasmic experience.

Sexuality and spirituality go hand in hand, and you can be sexual aroused when you have a strong view of your spirituality. Sexual energy is a natural thing and since the universe is created on energy, sex can be part of your spiritual self.

Some people will look at sexual energy as part of the ego and they often feel that they can get into such a deep sexual trance that it puts them in a meditative state.

When someone reaches orgasm during sex, it makes them feel vulnerable and free. This is a time where things seem to stand still and that is because it is part of your spirit life.

Living your life with a strong level of intimacy can create stronger energy that will work with your spirit and will embrace the universe. You always need to make sure that you are with the right person when you share your strong intimate moments

Casual Sex

Sex should never be a casual thing. Life is about moving forward and when you choose to pick a sexual partner and you have no thoughts or hesitation about it, you will begin to see sex as something meaningless and casual. This is a time where you will share your intimacy with someone, and it can turn into a negative experience. This should not be part of your everyday and normal life but should be something special.

If you have sex with someone and you do not ever date or see them again and you keep having sexual partners, you will get part of their energy each time. This energy will go into your aura and part of your energy will be with them.

The energy that you share with your sexual partner will include feelings, desires, thoughts, and other things inside of you. If you do this and you do not cleanse your aura, their emotions and other things will always be with you.

Being drunk or under the influence of substances will lower your energy protective field even more. This will allow negative things to get in your life and will take advantage of your energies. When you have sex with someone that is strong and positive, you will get their positivity and strength but when you have sex with someone negative, you pick that up as well.

Sexual healing is an important thing to do. It is vital to your health, emotions, mental and spiritual health. If you want to be moved upward with the energies, you will have yourself go through a sexual healing if you have been with many partners.


One of the most powerful forms of energy is sexual energy.  Many people do not understand this energy and they do not understand that sexual energy is a way to heal and become stronger.

Sex is important between a man and a woman and when the two of them sleep together it takes away the ego and allows there to be one.

A person that knows about unity with sex will want to be one with their partner and they will understand that sex unites them with their partner. A person that is united in sex will merge their feelings, thoughts, and emotions with that person until they become one.

It is important that people look at sex differently and they see that it has the true power of energy.

Cleansing the Aura

The energy in your life requires you to be cleansed so that you can have balanced chakras and life. When you have an aura that is full of negativity and bad things, it can cause you to feel bad or to feel needy or to lose your energy.

There are ways you can remove energies that are left behind by sexual intimacy and here is how:

  • Go into the sun at least 15 minutes each day. Doing this can cleanse your body and mind.
  • Use water because it is a natural cleanser. It can help to make you strong. You can even bath with Epsom salt to remove negative energies.
  • Forgive those that have hurt you. Forgive people in your past relationships and learn to accept positive energy.
  • Go in nature and walk barefoot on the earth or hug a tree.
  • Meditate each day so that you can increase your energy and you can put a white light of protection around yourself.
  • Find psychics that can help you to remove negative energies and blocks.

These are only a few ways that you can cleanse your energy. If you want to be involved with someone sexually, make sure you are ready to commit with them and to become one with them.

Sex is not something that is good or bad, but it is a way that you connect with those around you and you embrace and share their energies.

Make sure that you are guided and loving when you use your sexual instincts and that you always keep your conscious mind open to guide you.

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