Signs You Might Be Clairaudient

Do you sometimes walk around and feel like you hear things or hear voices in your head? If so, chances are that you are clairaudient.

What is Clairaudience?

Clairaudience is also called clear hearing and it is a psychic gift. This gift allows you to hear things beyond what you hear in the physical world. You will be able to hear things that other people cannot hear because the words and the signs that come to you will come to your spirit or your mind and not to your ears.

The messages that clairaudients get usually come in words or through music or sounds. These sounds will come with a warning or to give you good advice that you should follow. Maybe you are even hearing from someone that has passed over and they want to tell you that they are okay.

Signs of Being Clairaudient

There are some signs that you can use to know if you are receiving messages from the spirit world and if you have the gift of clairaudience.

Saying Your Name

Have you ever thought you heard someone say your name, but no one was around? If so, you might be clairaudient. Hearing voices and whispering can be a sign of this gift.

Clairaudience does not always happen in your ears and it can be through a reading or it can be heard in your mind. Sometimes people with this gift will hear messages through music or through objects moving around.

Quiet Time

Most people that are clairaudient love to be in quiet places. If they are in loud places, it can become overwhelming.

A lot of chatter or talking can cause these people to become overstimulated and they will need to find quiet. If you find that being in a noisy places makes you feel tired, you might need to take time alone to recharge.

Imaginary Friend

Some clairaudients have had imaginary friends, even as children. This could really have been the spirits trying to talk to you.

Children often have stronger gifts because they are not afraid, and they have not been taught to act differently and so sometimes spirits will talk to children.

When adults talk about imaginary friends and question their children, sometimes the children will shy away from these things and block them out of their memories.


People that are clairaudient love music. They will feel deeply connected to a certain song and a message that the song sends to them.

If you love music more than most people do, or you hear music always playing in your mind, chances are that the emotions that you have are because you are gifted.


Do people always come to you for advice? Do you find that strangers will come to you and tell you their problems? If so, this can mean you are clairaudient.

Clairaudients love to help others and are good listeners. People will want to hear your wisdom and will feel understood when you are around.

You might even be able to give people messages because you are listening to what the spirit world tells you.


Ringing can be a medical problem or tinnitus but sometimes it can be that the spirit world is communicating with you or warning you to pay attention.

Auditory Learner

People that are clairaudient like to learn through hearing things. They will get messages through their mind and they will love to listen to things such as audiobooks over reading.

When you learn information, chances are you are able to keep it and remember it because this kind of learning is best for you.

Noise Sensitivity

If you are sensitive to noises around, you then you might be clairaudient. This can be small sounds that you hear even when you are alone.

The noise sensitivity goes beyond hearing loud noises, but it can be things you hear even when things are silent.

Speaking to Yourself

Talking to yourself does not mean that you are having a real conversation with yourself. This can come through your inner voice.

Do you have conversations with yourself and wonder if you have lost your mind? Maybe you are compassionate about a situation and you are talking to yourself about it.

When you talk to yourself, it could mean that you are speaking of the spirit world without even realizing it.

Do not think that negative talk is the same as getting a clairaudient message because it isn’t. If you have negative voices telling you things, then chances are it is not your spirit guides.

Receiving Messages

If you are clairaudient then there are ways that you can receive messages. You need to learn to recognize these methods so you can learn to receive the messages.

Your Voice

You can get messages in your own voice. This is when you have to realize if you are speaking from your own self or you are listening to your spirit guides.

Listen to your intuition and figure out if these messages are yours or from the spirit world.

Spirit Voices

If you hear a voice in your mind that is giving you a message, chances are that you are clairaudient. This means that you are able to hear messages from the spirit world. You might even be able to hear messages from family or friends that have passed on.


When you are by yourself and you hear sounds, this can be a message that the spirit world is trying to give you. These sounds can come in different forms and you have to learn to listen to them.

When you practice your skills, you learn to improve your clairaudient gift.


If you are getting a warning message, it can make you feel anxious or like you want to run away. This kind of communication is there to help you and you need to listen.

If an alarm or shouting is going off in your mind, let the guides communicate with you and listen.

Develop Your Clairaudience

Clairaudience is a gift from the spirit world but not everyone is fully developed in it. Most people have a gift of the clairs, but some are not aware of it.

If you are aware of your gift and you want to develop it, there are some ways you can do that.


Take time to listen to what you are hearing and to pay attention to it. Here are some ways:

  • Listen with your eyes closed.
  • Focus on sounds you hear.
  • Separate what you are hearing.

When you are listening, it might seem like an easy step, but the truth is, most people do not learn to listen to the sounds around them because of all the noise that they are hearing.

Learn to separate the natural sounds from the spirit sounds.


When you get a message from the spirit world, ask questions. Maybe you didn’t hear it and you need them to repeat it, ask them to.

When you ask your spirit guides questions, it shows that you are listening and that you want to know more. Ask them for advice and information so they can lead you down the right path.

Fifth Chakra

To increase your clear hearing, you need to make sure your throat chakra is strong. This is the chakra that works with communication. Here are some ways:

  • Wear blue because it is associated with the throat chakra.
  • Use crystals that are blue when you are meditating.
  • Sing songs in high and low pitches so you can strengthen your voice.


When you are listening, make sure you are meditating. This can help to clear the chatter in your mind. Clear your mind and focus on what you are hearing.

There is no certain way to meditate and you can either do it on your own or with guided meditation. You can use music or choose not to use music.

Sit in a place that is quiet and do this each and every day until you improve your life. Listen to the messages that you hear when you are meditating and practice so you can strengthen your skills. Start improving on your messages and focus on how you can get better in your gift.

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