Saturn and Your Destiny

Saturn is considered to be a karmic planet. This means that Saturn can help in many different areas of our lives. It can show us strength, teach us lessons, and help us to go down the right path.

Birth Chart

Saturn does not determine your karmic destiny, but it does set the foundation for your life. Whatever happens, Saturn can represent your guardians in life but depending on the influence you have and your authority, you can figure out what destiny you have towards your goals.

Your destiny will never stop working for you and even when a lot of time has passed, you will see that Saturn can help to keep you safe.

If you want to understand Saturn with your birth chart, you can learn that your birth chart can also help to map out what destiny that you have.

Return of Saturn

The Saturn Return is a change in your life. According to the zodiac, it takes years for the sign to reach the day that you were born. When it reaches your sign, this is when Saturn Returns. This can bring truth to your life.

Getting True

The first Saturn Return will happen when you reach your late 20’s or your late 30’s. This is when you begin to focus on things you have done in your life and when you think about the changes that you have made.

Even when you were younger and you felt like you were indestructible, you learn that this is not true, and you start becoming more responsible.

You see that changes in your life are important and you want to make sure that you have learned from your past and that you are bettering your future. You know that as an adult you need to make changes and reach your purpose so that you can grow.

Second Saturn Return

The second Saturn Return happens when you turn 60 years old. This will be less traumatic than the first and you will have to spend less time pleasing others and will want to spend time with people that you love and care about. This will be a time when life slows down, and you get to do things you want to do.

Third Saturn Return

When you are 80 or 90 years of age, you have more time to look at your life. This is when the third Saturn Return happens, and this is where you will see what lessons life has taught you. This will be where your well-being is and how you have impacted others in your life.


When Saturn returns to you, you can make new things for your life. You can look at your life and see what kind of things you have done. You will see that karma is not perfect for you, but it gives you time to adjust and make changes in your life.

You have to learn to pay attention to the lessons that life shows you. Your Saturn Return will affect you in one way or another and you can use your birth chart to see how it will affect your destiny.

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