True psychics and how to identify one

How can you know that the person giving you reading is genuine? What are true psychic readings? How sure are you that your question is being answered by a true psychic? In the end, it’s you to make a choice, but we can also help you make a decision.

What are true psychic readings?

This is a reading that gives important information. The client will end the reading feeling positive and uplifted. They will suggest ways they can move or progress in life to help them deal with the situation they are facing. They should be better than they were before the reading.

True psychic readings for free

You can get online free psychic readings, but remember that doesn’t mean they are genuine readings. You only receive what you pay for is not always true in the field of clairvoyants and mediums. It’s a good idea to take advantage of companies who usually offer introductory rates for first calls.

Also paying more for reading doesn’t mean you’ll receive the best. You can still find a good psychic who will give you a good reading at a more reasonable price.

Do not forget that experienced psychics also have put in work to improve on their skills. So it’s not fair for them to give free readings. Remember that psychics are also human, they have to pay bills and mortgages.


The best way to find the best psychic is through recommendations. Let friends or family recommend you to one. This can be through word of mouth. That way, you will put your trust in the psychic.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you’ll be connected magically. When this doesn’t happen it might be due to something and it doesn’t mean the psychic is fake.  It might be energy differences.

Read reviews

This is something you need to do. If the company you are interested in has been reviewed, then you should get people’s opinion about them. Several sites publish reviews on their sites but they don’t publish bad reviews. Therefore, just know they will always be positive on their sites. You can also tell the difference between genuine and fake reviews by just looking at the language used.  Fake reviews can be identified easily, they are always written by the same person and they can be seen.

What type of reading do you want?

You should know the kind of reading to expect. Be sure if you need to seek a counselor or a medium. This depends on their responsibilities. Maybe you need guidance coz you are stuck or are facing difficulties. Several individuals only contact psychics when they are facing problems. You should write a few questions down before the reading. This enables the psychic to get straight to the point rather wasting your money on someone who will give you a cold reading.

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