A psychic reading is powerful

A psychic reading is powerful

Psychic readings can be transformative life experiences, it all depends on how you use the information to shape our futures.  No matter what type of reading we have, be it a tarot reading, an astrological reading or divination through energy tracking, it is up to us to discern how we use the information.

Energy tracking is the ability to use a clients personal energy to understand their own lives. Each person is an energy transmitter.  The psychic will tune into your frequency.  This will help them discover what kind of experience and people you attract and will continue to attract as long as you stay at your current frequency.

Ancient cultures  espoused drawing positive energy or frequency to yourself by creating  a representation of what you wanted or needed to change. This representation can be a picture or an object. Simply it is something that you use as a symbol of what you want your energy to bring.  The symbol doesn’t have to be realistic, so if you don’t worry if you aren’t artistically gifted.  If your symbol is something you want to let go of, you can simply burn or bury that symbol.  This tells the universe that you want to draw this energy away from you.

Some use chanting to enhance these symbolic rituals. Vedic astrology has specific chants that influence the energies around a person.

Symbols, chants and the like are a way to engage yourself in your own reading. This makes it more real or live for you and puts you in an active role.  This makes your reading more powerful.

Once you begin to live your power, you will able to better understand how changing your energy can adjust your future.

The actual value of your reading is your ability to comprehend the energy that you send out and what it brings to you.  What we do in the present directly influences what happens in the future. These actions and reactions are directly connected to our energy. By changing our energy, we resonate at a different level. This means we have the power to shape our own realities.

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