What Does it Mean to Have a Spiritual Awakening

If you have ever heard the term enlightenment or spiritual awakening, maybe even the word rebirth or psychic change, chances are you are hearing terms that describe something bigger that can come in your life.

These things that you hear are describing the change that you can have in your life. These are changes that help you to be a better person and help you to reach your higher self.

Being in recovery, for example, you will often hear the word spiritual awakening from people around you or people that teach your classes. This can be a big step to recovering and sometimes spiritual awakening and white light go together because you have to have this change in order to really change.

When you are looking to be sober, chances are that you are trying to understand and embrace your humility. You will find things to do in life that can change who you are and who you used to be. You can see life as a spiritual experience and as the changes come, you will be educated with different ways that you can live a better life.

Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening can be finding a new spiritual reality inside of yourself. No one can really tell you what this is because it is different for each person and everyone gives it a different definition. Some will believe that this is something that takes time, while others feel that this comes suddenly.

Spiritual awakening can take place after life-long addictions, illnesses, death, war, midlife crisis, divorces, or other traumatic events.

Personalities will change as they look for sobriety and spiritual awakening can help to get them where they want to be. Even Buddha believed in a spiritual awakening and that it was surrounded by light and destroyed darkness.

Some people experience the thought of suicide before they go through a spiritual awakening and then this can bring them peace and happiness that lasts a long time.

Some people believe in the Christian view of spirituality and waking up and being spiritually alive while others believe in other religions and different ways to reach this stage in life.

When life gets hard and people are anxious and stressed, chances are they will look for something to make them whole and complete in their life. They will search for a higher power that can make them feel happy and whole.

How to Know If You Had a Spiritual Awakening

When your life changes and you change the way that you look at things, when you become humble and your humility rises and your ego fades, chances are you are on your way to a spiritual awakening. This can bring you happiness and peace.

There is no way to really explain a spiritual awakening but here are some signs that you might be having one:

  • Becoming inspired.
  • Feeling like you have changed.
  • Seeing a lot of coincidences.
  • Wanting to help others.
  • Giving.
  • Happiness
  • Less dramatic.
  • Having others notice your changed.
  • Wanting to know the truth.

What it Means

When you become different and you no longer worry about how much you have or how much money you made but you want to know what the truth is and to seek spirituality, this is what an awakening is. This can also mean that you want to show love to others like never before.

Maybe you become less judgmental and you are full of love and compassion and you are aware of your own feelings and you feel like you want to change the world.

A spiritual awakening, rebirth, psychic change or whatever you want to call it can be a life changing event for you. No one can tell you what this looks like or what it means but if you want to embrace it and be free, you can find personal freedom like never before.

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