Guardian Angel

Angels are a very popular subject, and they are often seen in the media and in religion. Sometimes people misunderstand angels because of the different ideas that people have about angels. Once you understand angels then you will see that they are part of tradition and about other things in life.

When you know more about guardian angels, you will see that you have to work to have a relationship with them. You will see that the angels that are given to you not just to keep you safe from harm but to help you to find the right way to live and to help you through all the hard times that you go through.

What a Guardian Angel Does

Even as children, people are taught to pray short prayers and to memorize different prayers to ask guardian angels to come and to guard them.

They even make the statement to ask the angels to guide them through their day, but what does that really mean?


Angels have so much knowledge and they have so much more knowledge than people do. The angels already know everything that there is to know except the future. They do not know the future because of free will but they do have spiritual and physical knowledge of all things.

Angles were made differently than humans and they have had knowledge since the moment they were made. People have to experience the truth in some way, but the angels already know what they need to know.

The purpose of the guardian angels is to help to open up the minds of humans. When our minds get dark, our guardian angels try to help us to not choose evil and they try to show us truth and goodness. Each day they try this, and people often forget that the angels are there to help them when times are hard.

They were given to people at birth, and they have the ability to talk to you. Since they are spiritual beings, they don’t talk like we do but they have the power to communicate with us without taking away our free will.

Mind Matters

When you are struggling in your mind, you have your angels to help you and to light your way. If you are trying to understand something such as something you are studying, you can ask them to give you light and to open up your mind. You can even ask them to come to you when you are taking a test and they can answer you in some way and give you the answer that you need. Try a simple prayer.

You might want to be a professional and you are close but might not be able to figure out something and you can ask your angels to intercede for you. Your angel can give you information and the main purpose of them is to give you truth and goodness and to help you in all that you do.


You can talk to your angels, and you can imagine that they are surrounding you and keeping you safe from harm. They can do this if you ask them to guard you and they will be there especially when things are dangerous for you.

Not only can they guard you from dangerous things, but they can also keep you safe from evil spirits or spirits that lead you astray. Everyone deals with these things each day. Your guardian angel can help you if you need to fight in the spirit and even though they cannot fight for you, they can help you and influence you to be courageous and to have strength.


When you ask your guardian angel to rule you, you are asking them to assist you and to help you make good decisions. Part of your being is part of humanity, and this is something that was originally at the beginning of time. When you are balanced, you know when to agree or disagree with something. You will know that there is a difference between right and wrong and good and evil.

As life got dark since the beginning of time and sin came, it caused men and women to become weak. It caused sin to rule many, and experience shows that weaknesses are often easier to follow than strengths and doing the right thing. When situations are immoral, it can be hard to know what to do in that situation.

The angels are there to help you with all of these things and they have a mind different than people. They are full of knowledge and when you need to take a decision, the angel will help you to make your choice. They will not try to change your mind because they don’t do this, but they will do what they can to help you to make the right choice that is moral for you.


We are not here on this earth to stay but we are on a journey. When you go through hard times, you need someone to guide you and someone to lead you and this is a time for spiritual guidance from your guardian angel.

You can ask your angels to guide you through hard times and even when you are fighting with someone that you love and you are having a hard time, you can ask them to help you. You can ask them to help you when you don’t know what to pray and good things can happen to you. Your angels will mentor you and will help you with spiritual and physical maters.

Angelic Times

The angels are there for you and most of the time people don’t even remember they are there. They are there to be faithful to you and they are there to help you to make good judgements. They will encourage you and they will be there for you to watch after you.

Sometimes we forget that the angels are there with us on earth, but we know that they are in heaven. We forget what they do for us. It is important that you take time to be intentional with your angels and to form relationships with them since they are always with you.

Easy to Communicate

Communicating with your angels and having a real relationship is not as hard as it seems. You just have to talk to them and that is all.

Talk to them by praying to them each morning and then as the time goes on in your day, talk to them about hard things that you are going through.

Ask your angels to give you knowledge and guidance and to encourage and fight for you when times are hard.

Think about what your angel can do for you and ask them. You will not be upset about the help that they give you. If you want a close relationship with your angels, include them and call on them throughout your entire day and see what kind of help they have to offer you.

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