Developing Your Psychic Gifts

No matter where you stand or what you believe, everyone is born with some kind of psychic power. You might even have your own powers that you know are strong such as your learning or your intuition. Even if you are not aware of your abilities or if your abilities seem small inside of you, you just need to learn to develop these gifts so that you can use them to the fullest.

The term psychic is something that people use with the term intuition and this is because people are able to know and have powers without actually using their senses to see, hear, feel, touch things but they still know because they are in tune with the psychic realm. This happens when people know these things but also when they do not know they are doing it or feeling it.

When you have a feeling of something, for example, someone staring at you or when you are with someone and out of nowhere, a random thought pops into your heart and then you see that person later that day. Maybe you have had a bad feeling when you went into a room and later found out something bad happened there. All of these things can happen when you have intuition and you are tuned into it.

You can become stronger in your life when you learn to open and understand your psychic abilities. This can be a tool that allows you to move through your life such as your career, relationship and even just the hobbies that you have. Maybe you are drawn to artistic things or you are drawn to certain paths of life.

This happens because you become a better you when you are able to open up your abilities and use your intuitive giftings. This does not just affect you, but it can cause you to have powers for the people that are in your life.

If you are already aware of your psychic giftings, this is good, but you can keep developing these gifts, even if they are strong and here is how:


The one thing that causes people to lose interest in their psychic giftings is that they are afraid. People are afraid of what they are feeling and their gifts even though they are not meant to be scary.

First, you have to be willing to open your mind and tap into the spirit world. You need to let the universe know that you are open and willing and do not be afraid.

Reading Energies

When you get a bad feeling from someone and you have no real reason, this is your intuition talking to you. You are reading this person’s energy and you need to learn to challenge yourself and to tune into what your mind and spirit are telling you. Look beyond how someone looks and tune into their energy if you want to have more information.

You can do this by learning to understand your own feelings and how your mind reflects on them. You can do this when you talk to someone or when you are just standing by them. Tap into their energy and see what happens inside of you. Talk to them and let your intuition show you if you are right or not.


Feelings and readings are not the only way that someone can be psychic. You can practice these things just in your own body. This is the gift of clairvoyance and this is where you can sense things or see things in your mind.

If you go someplace you have never been to before such as a friends house, a restaurant or even a museum, close your eyes and ask the guides to help you “see” the place you are going. Pay attention to what comes in your mind.

Once you get there, compare what you saw in your mind with what you see with your eyes. See if you see anything specific like a window or a picture in the exact spot you saw it in your mind.

Spirit Guides

Everyone has spirit guides and they are there to help you and to teach you. They love you and are connected to you. You are also connected to your family or friends that have died and passed to the other side.

You can always connect to your spirit guides by asking them to give you a sign. If you want to know if you are on the right path, you can ask the universe to help you by asking to see something such as a pink elephant. If you see this sign, you will have no doubt that your spirit guides are listening to you.

Always know that your guides are there to help you and never to harm you or lead you down the wrong path in your life.

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