A Psychic Medium Shares Seven Tips to Improve Your Readings

Many people ask if there’s anything they can do to improve their readings with psychic mediums. Thankfully, the answer is an emphatic “Yes!”

There are things you can do. Some of these tips rise to the level of responsibilities. Others may seem obvious, but they’re not obvious to everyone. I’ve seen every one of these tips violated, and the readings were ruined as a result.

Here are seven simple things you can do to improve your reading with a psychic medium:

Don’t arrive at your reading drunk or hungover.

And don’t show up under the influence of sleeping pills or drugs, either. I know people sometimes get nervous about psychic readings, so they have a drink or two to calm their nerves. This is not recommended. Here’s why.

When my friend Rani called a medium to make an appointment, Rani’s mother was loudly and clearly coming through to the medium. The medium shared a few of the messages with Rani because they were so clear, and then scheduled an appointment for the next week.

The night before the reading, Rani was so nervous about it that she drank a few extra glasses of wine, so she was quite hungover the next day. This disrupted the connection the medium previously made with the Rani’s mother, so the reading was nowhere near as clear as Rani was expecting.


Picture this: you’ve scheduled an in-person reading. You’re making your way to the medium’s office, but it’s rush hour so you have to deal with traffic. You’re getting frazzled because you’re less than certain where you’re going, so people are honking at you and road raging. By the time you arrive for your reading, you’re upset and shaking.

This isn’t the ideal state to be in for a reading. It will affect both the medium and you. Psychic amnesia is a real phenomenon. Your agitated state will prevent you from clearly remembering the reading. The medium will be giving you information, but you won’t recognize some of it.

This happens often. So, you should do whatever you can to arrive at your reading in a relaxed state. If you have to drive through traffic, leave yourself enough time to get there early. If you’re too early, sit quietly in your car and listen to relaxing music.

This advice to relax is valid even if you’re having a phone reading. Sit down in a quiet room at least ten minutes before your reading’s start time. If it helps, feel free to listen to quiet, soothing music. Or just sit, close your eyes, and breathe deeply.

Don’t ask your spirit to give you specific signs.

Attempts to pre-arrange code words, signs, or other cryptographic cues are guaranteed to work against you. Despite this, a lot of people still try. People frequently ask their loved one’s spirit to give them some kind of signal to prove they can trust that the medium is truly connecting with them. This sets you up to fail.

Let me explain how readings work. When mediums connect with spirits, they don’t just get a single message. Many messages come through at once, so the medium picks and chooses which ones they’ll share. So, your loved one’s spirit may be communicating your agreed-upon signal or code. But since the medium is receiving other messages, too, they may not choose to share the code message. It’s not the medium’s fault, and it’s not your loved one’s spirit’s fault. It’s just a choice the medium made.

So, your message’s failure to arrive to you doesn’t prove anything about the medium or your loved one’s spirit. Even if you make the deal before your loved one dies, signals and codes like this just don’t work.

Don’t feed the medium information.

When you’re getting a reading, the best thing to do is to keep your mouth shut. When people get readings with mediums, they often share all sorts of information. But the medium should be the one who’s sharing information.

If you share information before the medium can give you messages, you adversely affect the potential that quality messages will come through to you. If you share information, the medium won’t be able to. So, don’t feed them information. You can tell them if you recognize or acknowledge the messages; otherwise, shut your mouth.

Don’t stretch to interpret messages.

Like most people, you tend to do whatever you can to help others out. Therefore, you may assume that stretching the truth and grasping at straws to force the medium’s messages to make sense will help the medium in some way. But it doesn’t. If the messages seem wrong or “off,” don’t try to force them fit. If things aren’t making sense, be honest and just politely tell the medium.

Don’t keep going if things don’t make sense.

In the same way, if nothing is making sense, don’t stand by and let the medium go on. Make things easy on your medium from the very start, like within the first five minutes or so. If all you have is a 30-minute reading and you let half of it go by before letting the medium know, the entire reading’s potential is damaged.

It isn’t necessary to be rude; you can do this kindly. Just say something like, “I’m sorry, this isn’t making sense to me.” Stopping them makes it easier for them, too.

Don’t be too skeptical.

Skepticism is a good thing. But just as there’s a healthy level of skepticism, there can also be too much. When a medium gives you information, look for compelling, convincing evidence that there was no possible way they could know it unless they received it from your loved one’s spirit.

If the medium is a stranger to you, and they’re giving you some evidence but other messages that are coming through, don’t make sense, or are outright wrong, don’t reject it all. Keep your mind open.

I hope these tips are helpful for you as you prepare for your next reading with a psychic medium!

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