People rely on their empath gifts even if they don’t realize it.  Sometimes if you have strong emotions, you could be an empath.  Many of these people can feel other people’s emotions and can understand how the world goes.

People that are born with these gifts are able to develop them so that they can feel empathy for other people.  This allows them to relate to others in their emotions and can help them to feel different sense from the world.

Empaths feel that the world is very emotional and that it makes them have more senses than others.  It allows people to feel the world around them from people, plants and animals.

Empaths have different gifts and here are a few of them:


Telepathy is when you can read someone else’s mind and that you are the sender or the receiver.  These gifts can be part of the empath gift.


If you are claircognizant then you will understand what is happening in any situation. If someone is lying, you will know right away.


This is when a person is gifted with being able to take objects and know what they mean.  Inanimate objects can give them images, sounds and smells. This can happen just when you touch something.


Precognitive means that you can tell something is going to happen before it does.  You can develop this skill and use it to make good decisions and to avoid mistakes.


Geomantic empaths can take energies that are in the planet and recognize when something is going to change such as the weather or if a natural disaster is approaching.


A medium can use their gifts to tell the past and the future of people and events.  They use their gifts to communicate with spirits around them.


Being an empath can be great, but it can also be hard.  If a person is very sensitive, they can feel allergies and other symptoms from someone else.  These gifts are great and can work at all times, but it means that there will be problems that aren’t able to be solved.  When this happens, you have to take your emotions out and not be upset.

Once you have done this, you have to learn to shield yourself and to stay in tune with your gift.  Empaths need to try their best to stay balanced emotionally.

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