Bothering the Dead

Bothering the dead is a funny thing to talk about.  One thing we learned is that we don’t bother the dead when we call them.  We learned that we are allowed to be sad and that we need to understand people and the dead.  We need to not be scared of the dead.

We have different thoughts in our mind that make things difficult sometimes and it can be taboo.  Things on Earth are born, and they will die and when we leave our body, our soul lives on.  As a medium, the task to talk to the spirits is important.

If you were dead, then you would want to see people that love you and you wouldn’t want them to grieve.  You would want to comfort them and to show them signs like having your favorite song playing on the radio.  If opportunity was there, the loved one would want you to bother them.  They want to bother you.

Dead people are respected, and a medium would never bother them, but they would want to talk.  A medium would never force someone dead to talk to them or to communicate.

Other Dimension

If you want to talk to a spirit, they may or may not want to talk to you.  A medium will leave the door open for communication to be had.  If the door is closed, then the loved one would not be able to talk or communicate on this world.  A medium is a messenger between the live and dead.

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