Awakening Your Starseed Essence

Starseeds are galactic beings who seek to cultivate love and compassion across the universe.  They possess vast spiritual gifts that transcends their physical location to hearts and mind willing to receive their insights.  Starseeds want every living entity to intrinsically know and perpetuate benevolence.  Unfortunately, they are so busy trying to serve the needs of others, their own sense of self eludes them.  As such, they eclectic beings that wander about trying to discover their destiny, and are often referred to as “lost souls.”

What some people see as lost, is actually a quest for enlightenment.  Starseeds have difficulty connecting with society since they may be viewed as mavericks and loners.  They strive for deeper connections and find mundane conversation problematic.  It can be wearisome as this soul is beginning to awaken its full potential.  If you are struggling to connect with people and simple amusements are beginning to feel insipid, you may be in the midst of a metamorphosis.  Read below to better understand how to navigate this exciting transition of consciousness.

Stage 1: Sudden Life Change

Typically experienced as a serious illness, near-death experience, or traumatic job loss, this neophyte is shaken to their core.  This sudden upheaval, like the Tower card in the Tarot, forces a reprioritizing of beliefs, actions and aspirations.

Stage 2: Acting on new beliefs

Following reprioritizing comes a change in perceptions and lifestyle.  The veil of reality is pulled back and the neophyte begins to separate illusions from truths. The belief structure surrounding one’s self, communities and society-at-large are forever altered.

If you have felt stuck in a dead-end job decide to quit and invest your talents elsewhere.  If you have been drawn to end the plight of the homeless, now is the time to become a vocal advocate.

Stage 3: Spiritual awakening

After understanding the self, a Starseed now feels more connected to the Universe.  The knowledge of the interconnectedness of all people and beings emerges.  This insight will allow you to better understand your spiritual gifts and how help others.  You may have lucid dreams, sense danger ahead of you or receive messages in the form of psychic abilities like clairvoyance.

Stage 4: Focus on love and beauty

Here, a Starseed is becomes awed by the beauty and love energy flowing across the universe.  You may even notice a shift and begin to see the beauty in people society has deemed outcasts. You could then feel a pull to interface with them and help to improve their quality of life.

Stage 5: Spiritual gifts are refined

To improve the quality of life for all a Starseed encounters their spiritual gifts must be developed.  As these skills are nurtured a Starseed wants to share the knowledge with every being possible.  You may begin to feel the need to ease everyone’s fears and anxieties to help them get more aligned with their soul’s purpose.

Stage 6: Enlightenment

In the final stage, you meet your higher-self.  As a result of the encounter you feel increased peace and clarity within your deepest essence.  You now comprehend your divine purpose and how it can better the global and universal communities.

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