Remembering Past Lives

Having an eternal soul is something that most religions believe in and there are many people that go even further and believe in the idea of reincarnation. They believe that they have lived past lives and that they are something that can be remembered.

Some wonder why if they lived a past life that they cannot remember the details and the truth is that even though we hold on to these memories, the memories go away or the person cannot be immortal because memories are a part of life.

When you do not remember about being a person in the past, the chance is that memory is nothing but the idea of the mind bringing up something from before.


Some believe that when you concentrate on your past life then you can begin to remember things. Even some believe that Buddha remembered all of his previous births.

Even those people that think they remember their past life might only get a glimpse of things from their past because there are other memories that take over these memories., Even though the memories are there because of the past life, they become inexistent to us because our mind hides them.

If we close out our senses and we focus on these things, our past experiences and life might come to us. We might be more impressed to remember things that we have not remembered before.

Reasons We Cannot Remember Our Past Life

There are some reasons that we cannot remember our past life such as:

  • We are someone different this time and our memories would make us the same person.
  • We want to avoid pain.
  • We want to get rid of loss and death.
  • We don’t remember everything even now.
  • We choose not to remember.
  • We choose to forget.
  • We deny who we used to be.
  • We don’t want to fall into old habits.
  • You want your past life to be a lesson to you.
  • You would miss the people that are not in your life now.
  • You would be seeking the past instead of bettering who you are now.


There are many reasons why someone might not remember their past life but that is okay. If you want to have help remembering things from your past, you can go to a trusted psychic and they can help you to put your thoughts and your memories into order.

Take time to seek your spirit guides and ask them if this is something that you should be seeking after and they will give you a sign that you are making the right decision or not.

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