Connecting with Spirits

When you understand the concept of raising your vibrations and your spiritual being, you will see that this is important to bring magic into your being.

When you are not sure about raising your vibrations or what that means, you put yourself in a place where you might not be able to achieve what you want to do.

What do you have to do when you want to raise your vibrations and who is going to help you reach the spiritual being that you want to be?

Understanding about raising your vibrations is important and when you learn how to do this, it can help you.


Everything that lives has energy and has vibrations. When you are raising your vibrations, it helps you connect with the spirit, but some do not really understand what that means.

Since everything has energy, energy is all around us and everything living, and dead is full of energy and that energy helps you to increase or decreases your vibrations. This depends on what emotions that you have.

When you have love vibrations, you probably have negative emotions such as:

  • Stress
  • Guilt
  • Fearfulness
  • Shame

These different emotions leave us feeling negative and bad and this means you have low vibrations. When you have strong vibrations, that is at a different level and you will most likely feel these feelings:

  • Happiness
  • Acceptance
  • Joy
  • Love
  • Kindness
  • Peace
  • Trust

When you have these positive emotions, it leaves you feeling positive and good. There are some emotions that are in the middle, but most people have very high or very low vibrations and so that is why these are most important to cover.

Raising your vibrations can mean that you have energy that is high and positive. You can change your low vibrations to high and take yourself to a higher level.

Vibrations and the Spirit World

When you want to understand raising your vibrations, you have to talk about the spirit world. When you want to connect to your spirit guides and your angels, you need to be able to have energies to do so.

These entities exist across the universe and when you have negative feelings, the vibrations are so low that the earth causes you not to be able to connect with these spirits.

This means that your beings need to have you in high vibration and to be in a good mindset so that you can reach them, and this includes having trust, happiness, joy and not judging things.

When you have different positives and negatives based on your feeling, your messages are either rooted in trust or in fear.

If you want to contact your spiritual guides, you have to have the same vibrations that they have so that they can attract to you and this means you need to get rid of fear.

Beings have the highest good and that means that they have vibrations on the highest level. If you want to connect with them, you have to have your vibrations on the same level.

Raising Vibrations

When you raise your vibrations, it does many things for you such as:

  • Allowing you to get guidance form your angles.
  • Letting you see signs from the spirit world.
  • Bringing the Law of Attraction to your life.
  • Getting rid of negative emotions that cause you stress.
  • Having a strong wellbeing.

Raising your vibrations is like magic and when your spirit guide sees your vibrations raised, it gives them a chance to message you and to connect with you. It allows doors to be opened and makes you feel good about who you are.

Easy Ways to Raise Vibrations

If you want to keep your vibrations high, you can do this in different ways. There is no right way to do this and if you are happy and feeling love and joy then chances are that your vibrations are high and that is why you feel so good.

There are some methods that are easy to raise your vibrations and they can bring you instant joy:


Listening to music can help you especially if you are clairaudient. The vibrations of music are usually high and positive and if you listen to your favorite songs for a while each day then you can feel happy and maybe even like dancing.

Never limit yourself with your music but listen to different kinds and take time to dance and feel good about yourself. You do not have to dance to fast music, but you can find music that makes your soul feel good.

Funny Videos

When you laugh it causes your vibrations to increase and gives you happiness. You want to raise your vibrations and you can do this by watching funny videos online. Sometimes you can sit around and just put on comedies or something that gives you the giggles.

Even though it seems strange, laughing is a great medicine and if you want to watch crazy animals or listen to jokes, do it.

Cute Things

Cute things can make you feel good and can raise your vibrations. When you feel down, take time to find cute things online to look at such as cat pictures or of babies.

Animals or animated characters are also cute and can make you feel happy right away and raise your vibrations.

Spend Time with Those You Love

Spending time with people you love can instantly raise your vibrations. This can make your heart feel happy and when you spend quality time with them, it gives you more energy.

If you have someone you love to be around, take time with them so you can raise your vibrations.

Make sure that the people that you are around makes you feel happy and is a good experience and not around people that upset you.


Take time to pamper yourself with a massage or go to the spa. Take time to get your nails or your hair done. Do something that makes you feel relaxed and happy.

When you need to communicate with your spirit guides, do this while you are sitting under the dryer or getting a facial.


Going for a walk or going to the gym can make you feel better. If you live close to the woods or a river, take a walk-in nature. Doing this can raise your vibrations and leave you feeling better.

Going for a walk can help you to get rid of negative thoughts and to be more positive.


When you meditate it helps you to connect with the spirit world. This can help you to increase your vibrations and make it where you can develop your giftings such as your intuition.

If you find that you struggle with meditating, watch videos online to help you and find out the best way for you. You can even meditate in the bath or in the shower.

All you have to do is get in the water and imagine the water washing away all of the negative things in your life. This can help you to get rid of your stress and worry.

Allow the water to wash away your negative feelings and give you positivity in your body and your mind. Water is a powerful and cleansing element.

Try out different methods to raise your vibrations and soon you will realize that you are getting rid of all of your negative emotions. This does not mean that you won’t have negative feelings come, but when you do, try to overtake them with positive things and make yourself happy and free.

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