Communicate with the Spirit Guides

Do you feel that you have a hard time communicating with your spirit guides? Chances are that you are talking to your spirit guides and you want them to help you. You may want to connect with the spirit world but be wondering how you can do that and what to do to make the conversation work better.

Whenever you want to talk to the guides or the universe and you need to have answers, ask your guides to listen to you and to come to you.

If you want to know if your guides are listening to you, you can ask them to give you a sign. They can help you by showing you that they are connected with you and that they are listening.

When you communicate with your guides, you will have to have clear energy so that they can hear you. This will help them to come to you and to let you know they are there.

The Law of Reflections says that sometimes a spirit will give you a message through a vision or a thought. Sometimes you just seem to know something and that is because you are connecting with them.

When you connect, you can ask your guides anything and they can give you the answers that you need. This connection can be something that you need or something that you want to share. It is important to talk to them.

One of the ways that you can communicate with the spirits is to make sure that you listen to them and that you connect even when you aren’t sure what they are saying.

People will get the answers to their questions when they connect with the spirits and you might even be surprised at how easy it is. When you try these things and these communication tips, if you still feel unsure, try to do them again.

Clear Space

Find a place in your house that you can go and make a sacred space for you to connect with your guides. Go there and meditate and talk to your guides. If you have been using this place for a while, you might find that the energy there is strong.

If you are making a new space and you have not used it, make it sacred and make sure that the energy is strong and clear. Get rid of negative energy and make sure that you add things such as pictures, candles, and sounds.


Make sure that you have a positive outlook, and your mood is good when you try to communicate. Remember that your guides are on a different vibration than you and when you are negative, it can stop your communication.

Let your energy be positive and when you are feeling bad, try to turn your mood around before you reach out to them. They want to feel peace when they come, and they want to feel love. This can make it easier for you to hear them.


Make sure that you are grounded and that you are able to feel good energy. No matter where you are, you can ground yourself by playing a note or by doing chakra healing. Imagine roots coming from the ground and grounding you.


Make sure that your intentions are good and ask your guides to come to you for a good reason. The connection that you can make will be positive, but they want to know what you need and what you want.

When you want to connect with them for another person, write their name down and ask the guides to help them.

Come to You

Ask your guides to come to you and ask them to show you that they are there. Pay attention to things that you see and if you are clairsentient, notice the feelings that you get and the messages that you hear.


Ask your guides to help you and to come to you. Use Tarot cards or other tools of divination and ask them to give you a sign.

Ask them to be there to sit with you and focus on when they come.

Higher Self

Connect with your higher self and put your hand on your heart and ask your guides to give you an answer. Listen to your intuition and know that you are getting the right answers from your guides.

Golden Light

Once you have connected with your guides, you can imagine a golden light filling your home. Let the light come in and let it fill you and your house.

Use things to clear your area such as a smudge stick or oils. Meditate and let your energy rest. Once you have a question, ask your guides to give you an answer and when you get it, write it down.


These are steps to reach your spirit guides and if you find that you are still not able to communicate with them, make sure that your energy is cleared and that you are grounded and try again.

If you still have problems reaching them, wait for a few days and start again. Talk to a psychic if you need help and you feel lost. Sometimes the movement of the planets can work with the communication and allow it to come through easier.

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