Love Karma

You are the result of the sum of your actions both in life and in love.  The laws of karma state that you reap the results of the energy you put forth into the world.  Therefore, how your approach love dictates the style of relationship you will have with potential suitors and partners alike.  Actions are frequently thoughts manifested into words and behaviors, so its important you become mindful of your style and patterns.

So, how does one’s love karma become established?  The answers lay in your past lives and lessons you still need to learn in order to progress towards enlightenment.  People you will meet or are drawn to in this life are carry overs from previous incarnations.  If you feel like you reach an instantons connection with someone, it’s most likely due to a bond you created in a previous life!  However, we have unfinished business with these relationships and that’s where the importance of relationships in this current body come into play.

You Have Freewill

Freewill is a gift given by the Divine to a soul to use in each lifetime.  Therefore, you have the ability to have control over your present-day love life, and change the script of your past life love karma into sometime more beneficial for you in the here and now.  By understanding your patterns, and the unique gifts of each new love interest, you can stop repeating toxic love habits and manifest the love life of your dreams!

Understanding Love Karma

Often people will wonder why love seems elusive to them.  It might feel like they can never find a quality person to date, or why relationships never fully take root, or why that perfect partner suddenly decided to end their long-term union.  Love karma holds the answers to these questions and more!

Many people don’t give proper credence to past lives, reincarnation, soulmates or a majority of spiritual concepts.  Instead of understanding the journey of a soul towards oneness with the Universe or enlightenment, these people chalk up these “failures” to “bad luck.”  By putting more stock into “luck” instead of metaphysics, these people become closed minded and relinquish the control they do posses over their existence.  When one is willing to explore their past lives and key events, they can better identify what the roots of this poor love karma, as well as other important lessons that need to be tackled head on in this lifetime.  When you are able to address these issues and make critical life alterations you will be able to improve your love karma.

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