Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is an empowering journey to connect with your Higher Self and listen more deeply to your intuition.  There a number of reasons one can awaken spiritually, but are a number of commonalities.

  • Accident / Near Death Experience
  • Death of a Loved One
  • Arrival of a Child
  • Psychic Healing (working with a psychic individual can raise your energetic vibrations and create a shift in awareness).

So, you might have noticed a growth in your psychic or spiritual talents.

Here are 10 signs you are undergoing an awakening:

  1. Tingling sensations or pressure

Typically, this occurs in your third eye (residing between the eyebrows), at the crown of your head, or at another chakra point.  This signals that your chakras are opening up.

  1. Sensing Spirit

As you undergo a psychic awakening, you may feel drawn to Spirit and divine forces like spirt guides, angels and deceased loved ones. You may even develop a gift for mediumship and notice the presence of other deceased beings that can help you and others grow their intuition.

  1. Desire to escape negativity

Spiritually and psychic awake people are extra sensitive to the emotions and feelings of other people.  Being an empath causes you to become drained when you are exposed to negative energy.  Honor your experience and do your best to avoid drama as much as possible.

  1. Craving healthy foods

If you are ditching pasta salads for garden salads, you may be vibrating at a higher energetic frequency.  This means you will naturally gravitate to food promoting higher vibrations like fruits and vegetables.

  1. Yearning for more spiritual knowledge

Like with any awakening, you begin to learn as much as possible about the subject as possible.  As we become more receptive and reconnect with our soul and Spirit, it only common sense that we desire to pick up as many metaphysical books as possible and lead a mindful existence.

  1. Lucid dreaming

Having vivid dreams is a clear sign of a psychic or spiritual awakening because in sleep you are most receptive to any possibility.  Therefore, there is no resistance or fear to your growing intuition.  Consider investing in a dream journal and leaving it near your bed to record each dream and reflect on its meaning.

  1. Heightened physical sensitivity

If you notice your hearing or eyesight is more acute, don’t worry.  This is a blessing that shows your “clairs,” or psychic talents are opening and strengthening.

  1. Stronger intuition

Getting a clear sense about an issue, or getting strong vision is a major tell that you are undergoing an awakening.  If you are fearful of this growing talent, set an intention to not receive any scary messages.

  1. Headaches

Headaches can occur as chakras residing in or around the head open up.  You have started to work this area more intentionally and therefore taking in more energy.  Surprisingly, soaking your feet in warm water pulls the energy away from your head and into your lower extremities.  You can gain even more benefit by adding in Epsom salts or essential oils to the water.

  1. Shift in Friendships

As you shift energies you will naturally be drawn to people who vibrate at your level.  This means you might outgrow old friend or aspects that no longer benefit you.  This is okay, because as doors close, space is created to foster new relationships or opportunities.  Continue to trust in yourself and the Universe.  Blessings are on there way to you!

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