Listening to the Knowledge of your Inner Wisdom

Those “little” voices that you “hear” inside your mind actually hold immense power.  If these voices are rooted in love and growth, then you are hearing your Inner Wisdom.  This innate knowledge stems from your Higher Self, which seeks to connect your physical being with your spirit and the Divine.

Your Higher Self seeks to guide you along your path of spiritual growth and ensure you remain in alignment with your life’s purpose.  Prior to entering Earth, your soul agreed to the terms of your life’s lessons and the which other souls would serve as your teachers.  These lessons may arise as physical, mental, emotional or spiritual challenges which serve to help your spirit grow on the path towards enlightenment.  Throughout your life you will continue to have freewill to adjust your experiences to best serve your unique needs.

The Universe wants you to always knows you are love and to experience joy

The Divine is the ultimate source of love and joy.  Therefore, your Inner Wisdom will always serve to guide you to states of higher vibrations.  Pause and reflect on what it truly means that a purely loving Universe wants you to know love and joy all the time.  The journey towards joy isn’t always sunny and rosy.  There will be moments of hardship and pain.  Understand that you can learn meaningful lessons from the pain and there too are challenges in joy as there are in sadness. People you perceive as content or eternal optimists are further along in their lessons of speaking their life into reality.  What you see as happiness, fulfillment or joy is simply a well spring of peace in understanding this particular lesson.

Your Higher Self serves as your innate guide and to send you Inner Wisdom as a means for you to empower yourself.  It helps you see all who have been, your current state, and the totality of your potential.  It knows you, because it is you.  When you are open and receptive to “hearing your own words” you can feel confident that every move you choose will be in your spirit’s best interest.  When you can embrace the wisdom within you, your options for growth and fulfillment are limitless!

Your Inner Wisdom teaches you to live an abundance and empowered life!

One of the biggest challenges of life is shutting themselves off from being receptive to any and all possibilities.  There are many reasons why this occurs.  First, there is a sadly common fear that if we were to claim our power our life would change in unexpected ways.  Second, we have a misconception that we are unworthy of living a rich and joyful life.  Third, we remain chains to societal expectations because we are anxious about how other people might perceive us or even threaten us if we were to reclaim our joy and power.  It is so ingrained in humanity to be fearful of “outside the box” thinking and that Avant Garde mindset are to be viewed as dangerous, but this mindset in fact serves keep people chained as cogs in a monotonous system.  Lastly, consider how promote your life in a way that is more aligned with your intrinsic values and less cluttered with expectations could allow you to gain a better knowledge of yourself and your true limitless abilities and potential.

Your Inner Wisdom teaches you how to love and forgive more easily

When you can foster more positivity and higher vibrations like forgiveness, love and joy, you enable your body to maintain better health, energy and receptivity to exciting new opportunities.  When you fill yourself with love and happiness you are better able to attract the attention of other higher vibration individuals and create dynamic ways for your soul to grow.

You Higher Self is always with you!

The path towards growth and enlightenment can often feel lonely at the basal levels of existence.  People become so focused on the journey they can loose sight of their gifts and the wonderment of living, instead feeling lonely and disheartened by not meeting societal expectations.

But even when you feel separated from others either physically or mentally you can take comfort in knowing that you are never truly alone.  Your Higher Self has been a part of you since your soul’s creation and will remain your unwavering companion until the end of time.  It knows you at your deepest essence because it is the totality of all your incarnations past, present and future.  It sees all your facets, knows all your possibilities and has the utmost capacity for provide you compassion in any and all situations.

Inner Wisdom allows you to process greater “truths” from a spiritual level

Often, we might be perplexed by a situation at the earthly level, but at a spiritual level our soul understands the full picture of the issue. Heeding your Inner Wisdom allows you to see any situation from a new perspective and thus greatly improve your life.  Trust that your Inner Wisdom is sent to bring you renewed confidence about a question you might be facing.  As you growing more secure in implementing this guidance you will gain greater trust over your spiritual abilities.  Your Higher Self understands that trust must be earn and will work with you to better understand the messages you receive in your Inner Wisdom to allow you create the best possible action plan for any situation you may face.

Taking the first steps to listen to your Inner Wisdom’s knowledge

Begin by connecting with your deeper desires and surrender your need to control the outcome.  You will never have all the answers at the earthly level.  But by being curious and open to opportunity.  It is only in being fully receptive that we gain the power to discover, learn and evolve.  It is from this place that we can truly embrace limitless possibilities.  You might only be able to hear your Inner Wisdom as a faint, but persistent whisper right now.  But instead of ignoring this voice, welcome it.  Meet it with a curious mind and be brave in answering its call.  Fear of the unfamiliar is normal, but as you begin to interact with it more, you will see favorable results and it will become more noticeable in your life.  This is a clear sign that you are building the necessary trust with both your Inner Wisdom and connection to your Higher Self.  Finally, enjoy this relationship and feel confidence this is a bond that will never leave you, even in the seemingly darkest of times.  Having an active dynamic with your Inner Wisdom and Higher Self will lead you to living a joyful and fulfilling existence filled with boundless opportunities and relationships.

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