Staying Grounded When Your Third Eye Opens

Having your third eye open can be powerful and there can be things that happen to you. You have to make sure that you understand that your third eye is where your psychic powers lie and when they are turned on, it allows you to focus and to be awakened to the spiritual world and the energy that surrounds it.

When you use your third eye as the center of your being, you will see that it is full of energy and that you can tap into this energy.

When your third eye is opening, this is a good thing, and it is safe for you, but you will feel sensations that you may have never experienced before, and these can be intense. You might feel these things more at night and when the pituitary gland is stimulated, it will release things in your body that can be strong and uncomfortable.

Many people in different traditions believe that the third eye is located in the pineal gland and others feel that it is elsewhere. When the Kundalini becomes awakened, it will travel up your spine and to your pineal gland and will extend to different areas of your body over time.

When you begin to feel different and have visions or revelations, chances are you are opening your third eye.

Many people experience sensations between their eyebrows and even though the heart has the most receptors in the body, the third eye can have energy that makes it deep and powerful between the eyebrows.

The pituitary gland is a gland that helps to regulate the growth and consists of growth hormones and other hormones. It is an important thing to develop and that is why babies sleep so much when they are born because this gland is developing.

Having human energy can help you to be strong and help you to connect with the universe. The earth and your body and all things are full of energy and this is how spiritual connections can happen. When you can increase your consciousness and allow the energy to flow through you, you can see your third eye open.

Meditation can help you to have this energy flow and it allows you to be aware when your third eye is activated.

This energy connection allows you to have a mission to reach your higher spiritual being and you can do this when you choose to give up your feelings of emptiness and you become compassionate and caring.

Having the sensations between your eyebrows or having your third eye open can mean that you are using the energy to find your giftings and this can be overwhelming sometimes.

The energy sensations that you will feel when the Kundalini is activated can be strong and they can cause you to feel spacy or strange. You have to make sure that you are grounded and here are some ways to do that:


Go outside and walk in nature. Take your shoes off and go barefoot in the grass or sit under a tree. You can go to the beach and walk in the sound. This will help to ground you to the earth.


Take a salt water bath and allow the negative energy to flow off of you. This will also ground you.

Tailbone Rub

Take a few minutes and rub your tailbone. By doing this you can redistribute the energy back to your root chakra.

Root Chakra

Pay attention to your root chakra and make sure that it is not blocked.

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