Getting Rid of Obstacles Through Mantras

There are going to be times in our lives where we have to change the way that we think and change our perspectives on things. This is the way that we can grow and how we can change our attitude for the better.

Changing Your Mindset

Here are some ways that you can change your mindset:

  • Write down things that have challenged you in your life.
  • Write down what you have gained and learned from these challenges.
  • Write down how to get past these challenges.
  • Make a plan.

Once you know what you are challenged with in your life, you can find someone that can help you to move on and help you to make the most of your life. You can even connect with your spirit guides and your angels to get help.

What to Do with Challenges

When you are faced with challenges, you can use some crystals to help you. Two great crystals for this are:


  • Helps to reach the spirit guides.
  • Is a self-cleaning stone.
  • Can be put by your bed so that you can use it to help you through challenges.


  • Makes you closer to your angels.
  • Is a powerful stone.
  • Has to be cleansed by smudging or with sea salt.
  • Can be used after 24 hours of cleansing.

Once you get the stones cleansed and ready, you can call out to your angels and then you put the stones on the floor by where you sleep. Whatever you are asking for should be changed within a day or up to three days. If it doesn’t work, repeat it again and see what changes that you see in your life.

Here is something that you can say when you talk to your angels or guides:

“I am asking the angels and the guides that are around me to help me. I need to call on the devas that work within the mineral kingdoms to help me with my stones and to help me with the problems and challenges that I am facing in my life. I am asking you to remove this obstacle (say the obstacle you are facing out loud). Please remove this from me. Thank you for what you are doing. I respect you and I appreciate all of the help that you can give to me. I know that you will help me with your light and your love.

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