Emotional Vampire

Emotional vampires are people that come around you and they soak up all of your energies. There are ways that you can deal with people that are emotional vampires.

Are there people in your life that you have interreacted with, but they automatically make you tired? They are people that make you feel negatively, and this person is called an energy vampire. They are not supernatural; they just suck up your energy.

People can come and make you feel good and positive but then there are other people that make you feel full of negativity and make you feel that you have to defend yourself or that you aren’t good enough to be around them.

Some energy vampires can be a parent, a friend or even a lover. These people can work with you or be people that come around you here and there. These are people that are great at first and they love you and care for you but then out of nowhere they start to shame you and insult you. They can put you down and talk about how bad you look, and it can even be an abusive relationship.

This will be someone that makes you feel that you cannot talk to them and that you have to be super careful what you say to them. These are people that affect you in a negative way and make you feel that you have something wrong with yourself.

You will see if you hang out with people like this you will have to deal with having stress and having lower self-esteem. They will make you feel unworthy to the point where you might even start to have health problems.

An emotional vampire can cause you to have physical and mental pain. They cause you to have no emotional strength and this will leave you feeling stressed, angry, sad, and more. This can lead you to depression which will affect your body.

It is hard to deal with an emotional vampire because they don’t care why they act the way that they act. They want you to be around them all the time but if they mess up or make a mistake, they make sure to blame you for it.

Kinds of Emotional Vampires

Emotional vampires are people that go through situations in their life that should have left them feeling depressed or stressed out but instead of this, they take the energy of others to feel better about who they are. They are people that need approval, and they have to have approval of others.


One of the biggest emotional vampires is the narcissist. These are people that think the world revolves around them. They never build you up or try to help you feel better.


This person loves drama and will exaggerate everything in their life. They will have a hard time communicating with you and if you disagree with them, they will get mad at you.


This is a person that manipulates and blackmails others in an emotional way and they never are responsible for what they do.


This is someone that has to always be in control of the situation. They have a strong opinion on everything, and they feel that they are doing the best thing for you by telling you how it is.


This is someone that never lets you talk, and they always have something to say about everything.

Dealing with Emotional Vampires

When dealing with an emotional vampire, you have to have boundaries. You have to make sure that you limit the time that you spend with them and that you aren’t always available for them.

You have to let these people know that your voice matters and so does your opinion. You can work through things if you love them, but you have to see how important you are.

If you try to make things better and they don’t get better, walk away, and find peace in life.

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