Signs You have a Past Life

People are sometimes called old souls and what that means in the psychic world is that they have lived many past lives, over and over again. Do you know if you are an old soul? Unless you have memories from your past life, then chances are that you do not really know if you fall under this category or not.

There are some signs that you can look at in your life to see if you have lived a past life. Sometimes you will hear people that have regressed their past and then when they evolved in the spiritual world, they realized the things that they had in common with others and with their soul.

The idea of incarnation is based on different things such as who you will incarnate with and who you will incarnate as. You will see that there is always a plan for your life when you are incarnating, and this is to help you to grow and help you to reconnect with people that you have unfinished business with. You can learn to hang out in the spirit world so that you can be reborn.

If you want to know if you have lived a past life, here are some signs to watch out for:


Sometimes there are people that live in cities because they are highly evolved. These people are evolved because they are old souls and have lived many lives. They know how to do things and how to handle a lot of things going on at once.

Enjoy Diverse Groups

Some people that have lived over and over again find diversity to be energizing. They are drawn to people that are different and that is why many of them are from bigger cities where there are more people.

Smart Child

People that have lived past lives are often smart children. They understand things and they learn their lessons fast, even from a young age. Many of them are very sensitive and compassionate and they are able to connect with the emotions of those around them.

If you were told that you were overly sensitive when you were a child or if you learned your lessons in life fast, chances are that you were an old soul.

Make it Better

People that have lived past lives want to see the world a better place. They know what they have seen, and they are always working towards something better. They are dedicated to see people treated equally and to social justice.


People that have lived many past lives often do not define who they are by how they look. They look deeper into themselves and define themselves based on their actions. They know that their body is just borrowed and has nothing to do with who they are.

Believe Everyone is the Same

When you have evolved and your soul has changed many times, you realize there is no difference in gender or in race.

You find people that are different to not be so different and you look at their soul and not how they look or where they come from.


If you love to travel and you seem to be drawn to different places, chances are that you have been to those places before. You may feel connected to certain cultures because you are not limited to your own community.

If you have an idea that you might have had a past life, look deeper into it and even consider getting hypnotized so that you can find out.

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