Get Rid of Spirits In Your Home

Do you ever wonder if you have spirits in your home or you feel that you aren’t alone? You might have spirits that are living in your home. Even if the spirit is kind and nice, you might want to get rid of them and set them free.

Here is how you can do that:

  • Clean the House

You need to start by cleansing your house. You can get rid of anything that clutters your home and gets rid of energies. There is mail or furniture that isn’t being used that needs to be thrown away. You can get rid of clothes you no longer wear and any clutter. This can help you to be organized and to get rid of places spirits can hide.

After you declutter, cleanse your home from top to bottom. Make sure you dust and vacuum every corner of your home and even the places that you forget about. Open the windows and let the staleness outside.

  • Smudging

Smudging is an ancient practice that you can do to get rid of spirits. You can take sage or other herbs and light it and go to every corner so that the smoke can fill the whole room. You will need to try dry sage or use a smudge stick. You can find these things and they will help you to get rid of spirits that want to hang around.

  • Using Water or Oil

Use water or oil during your religious ceremonies. You can bless the water, or the oil first and then use it to bless your home. Say a prayer or chant while you spray water around your home or anoint things with the oil.

You can sprinkle water, or you can use a spray bottle to make sure that you get every corner and every closet around you. This can keep the spirits from coming in those rooms, Spray the front and back door too to keep spirits from coming in.

  • Sea Salt

Some people will use sea salt to bless and cleanse their home. You can use this to protect your home from spirits and things that you don’t want inside of there. Sea salt comes from the ocean, and it is one thing that holds powers.

Use the salt by driving out the spirits and tossing the salt in the places that you have the most spiritual activity, or you can tell the spirit to leave and throw handfuls of salt at them as they exit your home.

You can also put salt around the doors, windows or other places in your home that will create a blockage to keep out spirits that you aren’t welcoming to your home.

Final Thoughts

If you have spirits that you want to get rid of, try the things above to get rid of or to keep spirits out that you don’t want to come and go from your home.

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