When to Be in a Relationship

Are you with someone that you feel is amazing and you want to move on in the relationship? Maybe you don’t know if it’s the right time and you wonder if the relationship is ready to be official.

But you need to make sure that you are with a guy that wants to move on to the next level. He won’t be ready for that unless he is feeling a strong way about you. When a guy cares about you, he will change his emotions and he will be about you in all ways. Instead of just wanting to have sex with you, he will be ready to make you his partner and maybe his life partner.

You have to understand what makes a man feel this way towards a woman and if your relationship is ready to move on.

How Many Dates Before the Relationship is Official?

The number of dates will probably not be what decides if your relationship is official or not because some will date people for a short time while others will date for a long time before the guy is ready to make the relationship more serious.

You have to be careful not to sleep with your partner too soon and make sure that you are both ready. By ignoring this, you might not have an official relationship as fast as you hope. When you respect each other, your relationship can move to a new level.

The amount of dates that you go on might not be enough to get to know someone. You have to take things further when you are both ready. The number of dates can cause you to get deeper into your feelings and to get hurt if things don’t work out.

This happens because once you really get to know one another in a deep way, you will become more attracted to them other than their looks. But, on that note, you should limit what kind of activity you do before you go on so many dates. For example, maybe you don’t want to kiss or hold hands before the third date. This gives you time to get to know that person.

When it comes to sex, you might want to wait until date four, five or six before going to that. Having sex too early might cause the relationship to not make it.

Does He Want to Spend Time with You?

If you want to get to know someone, you have to spend time with them. If he isn’t spending time with you then you will have a hard time forming a deep connection with each other. You have to make sure that you are both on the same page in the relationship so that you don’t get hurt and lose your confidence.

What to Do Before the Relationship Gets Too Serious

No matter how many dates you go on, there are some things that you need to consider before letting your relationship get too serious. You do this so that you can protect your heart from getting hurt. Here are some things you need to consider before moving forward in your relationship:

Do You Want to Date Other People?

Find out what you want and if you are wanting to date other people. If you are then you are probably not serious in the relationship. You also need to find out what his feelings are in the same situation. When you are ready to just be with each other then it can be time to commit to each other.

Are You Happy in the Relationship?

A relationship should bring more joy than pain. If you are finding that you are very happy in your relationship and you think about him all the time, this can be a good sign. If you aren’t happy and you feel bummed out or you feel sad when you are together, this can be a sign you aren’t ready to be in a serious relationship with him.

If you don’t want to give up but you don’t feel completely happy, you need to find out how to make the relationship better. But if you are both happy then this is a person that you might want to commit to.

Is There Trust?

The biggest thing to ask in a relationship is if there is trust. No relationship is going to be good when there isn’t trust. You should feel confident that you can trust your man no matter what. If not, the future will not be good.

If you both trust each other and you make each other happy, your relationship might be time to be official.

Do You Have a Future Together?

Do you look at your relationship and feel that you have a future together? Do you feel confident that committing to that person will bring you what you want and need in your life? Do you feel that you cannot live without each other? If you answer yes to these things, you might be ready.

Have You Dated Long-Term?

If you have been dating for a while, making the relationship official might be time. You need to stop seeing other people and stop casually seeing each other. You need to make sure that you are ready to have a future with this person and make sure that you have been together long enough to know if it is love.

Rules About Dating

Here are some great dating rules:

  • Five date rule: This means never make a commitment before you have went on at least five dates.
  • Number of dates rule: You decide how many dates you want to go on before you make things serious.
  • Dating rule: Decide how many dates to go on before you have sex.
  • Kissing rule: You need to know when you should kiss someone. Make sure you are comfortable, and you think that this person could be it.


Some people think that there should be a set number of dates before they make the relationship official. You have to look at what your relationship holds and how it is affecting your life. Is your relationship good or does it have red flags?

Make sure that you are not getting carried away with your feelings or that you are not setting your heart up to being heart. Once you start a relationship, make sure that you are feeling happy and excited.

You are the only one that can decide how many dates to go on before you make things official. You have to be careful with your feelings and make sure that when you are making the relationship official that you are really ready.

Being in a serious relationship is a big decision and you need to do what makes you comfortable and happy. Don’t rush things and don’t make things have to go faster than they should. A man that likes you will make sure that he puts you first and if your guy isn’t, consider thinking about dating for a while longer before things get too serious.

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