Gain Your Desires

One thing I have been often accused of is having “champagne taste.”  People view me as wanting extremely high-quality items even when it might come at my detriment.  I hate when people say this to me, because it feels like it minimizes my dreams and aspirations.  Who is this person to say want is in alignment with my abilities or goals?

Growing up we have been told mixed messages of what is and is not possible.  Even our dearest love ones can sabotage our path to our goals.  You can be anything you want, but that job title is not possible with your background.  You need to focus on yourself, but don’t be selfish!  Thoughts like these make us feel bad for dreaming big and questions if gaining our dreams will come at someone else’s expense.

When we prioritize ourselves, we can be in a better position to help others.  We can only author our own destiny.  Can you imagine the world if people began to prioritize their wellbeing?  We may notice a decrease in violence and theft.  This is because wellness is tied to the concept of radical LOVE.  Focusing on our wellbeing produces high energy vibrations.  This energy will ripple out to the rest of the world.  It is more powerful than our actions or worlds!  Consider how when you are in a negative mindset it drains the energy of everyone you encounter.  Now think about the power of a smile and how a sudden smile can uplift your spirits.  The energy you transmit is directly the result of the energy within you!  What energy do you want to put out into the world?

It’s more than okay to desire something and to work to attain it!  When you work for your betterment, you can help cultivate more positive energy within you, which in turn can be transmitted to those around you.  If you are still concerned, work to attain a state of neutrality or peacefulness, both of which can be a healing balm to the world.  If you want better alignment with your goals you will need to put in hard work, but it will be possible with these following steps.

  1. Prioritize your needs: Bring attention to your thoughts and how you communicate with yourself.  What are you telling yourself that you want and whether you desire it?  Notice which desires feel most pressing and consistent.  These are the ones you should explore first.
  2. What stories are you telling yourself: These stories may be serving as excuses for why this goal is “not” possible.  This negativity will detract you from your goals.  Work to slowly tweak them into a more positive light.  As you tell yourself these stories it is important to feel good and that this goal is achievable.
  3. Honor yourself for the improvements you are making: Focus on the positive and strive to lessen any attention you might be thinking about aspects you have struggling with.

Focusing on thoughts that feel good will naturally lead to other positive thoughts.  Change is gradual.  By keeping a positive mindset, you will weed out desires that are more trivial or in less alignment with your values.  Achieving alignment requires a sense of feeling good about the state of your life and your future.  Any time you are out of alignment feel gratitude for the opportunity to rebalance yourself.  Focus on the perspective that best serves you and ignore what others might think of your choices.  These feelings will only hinder you from your goal.  Whenever you find yourself doubting your abilities or trajectory try reciting the following mantra: “I am safe and I trust in my ability to right.”

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