Spirit Guide

If you are curious about connecting with your spirit guide and knowing what they look like, this article will be helpful and practical. Your spirit guide is wise and loving, always available for support. Connecting with your guide can be a joyous experience which is why these guidelines are here for love and light. There are many entities, but our personal spirit guides are about guidance and faith.

You can experience your spirit guide in different ways. You will likely already feel when they are around because you will feel a connection, guided, and safe. You will also feel attuned to your life path for the past, present, and future. Connecting with this guide is about learning to trust this voice of love. This will help you link and transmute your thoughts from fear to faith and light.

Your spirit guide can look like many entities that are included in the spirit guide heading. Read on to see the different classifications.

  • Guardian Angel – A non-human, spiritual creature that communicates with angels that are in higher hierarches and a Divine being. Guardian angels are provided at birth and their reason for existing is to protect their charge and prevent them from being lost or transgressing the laws of the universe. Angels have not lived fleshly experiences, but they are pure light without a gender.
  • Collective Spirit Guide – Collective spirit guides deal with societies like the workplace, family, and circles of development. This guide tends to present itself when people meet in a group for some collective purpose.
  • Personal Spirit Guide – This is the tutelary guiding spirit who is with the person from birth to death.
  • Specialist Spirit Guide – Also known as transitory or allied guides, these guides may be with you for a short time or forever alongside your guiding spirit and guardian angel. On occasion, these angels are present for specific tasks and then gone. These tasks may be focused around healing, clairvoyance, protection, or something else, but they make themselves available.
  • Elemental Spirits, Indigenous, Power Animals – These are all entities linked to nature from which they derive power. Their appearance underlines the separation of energy levels and their teaching is used to recognize the divine within this earthly realm. This helps us find and accept our place in the world because we are part of all the cycles. They help us find what we need to face our incarnation without causing damage to the planet. They are memory masters. If they manifest as animals their form indicates a specialty.

Finding Your Spirit Guide

We can find our spirit guide through the use of certain practices by connecting with it and honoring it with a presence on your alter, through a ritual, or having a picture of the guide for support. Basically, pray to something that can be pictured because awareness is important. The best way to learn about your spirit guides is through meditation and dreams. Meditation is a simple way to connect with a spirit guide. Dreams are another way to unveil your inner self, your spirit, and guides. Focus on your dreams and use a dream journal to look for recurrent patterns and elements. Each morning, write everything you dreamed about down and see if you see a connection. A final, simple way to connect is to spend time in nature, walking through it. If animals show up or the energy from a flower or tree resonates with you, then spend time with it. Connecting with a spirit guide is done through intuition. Listen to this connection and you will better connect to the world and yourself as part of it.

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