Rituals of the Elements

Some people think that there are only four elements but there are five. They include air, earth, fire, water, and spirit. These elements have been around since ancient times and they are seen in different religions and cultures such as the Egyptian myths, astrology, tarot readings and more. 

The seasons of the earth can impact the balance that you have in your life and once you understand the four element then you can understand that they have been around since the 5th Century BCE. The idea behind the four elements is that they all play a role in life but then the fifth element, the spirit, is one that is a natural element. This is the fifth element that holds everything else together.

Rituals of the Elements

You can learn to practice using the elements by making sure that you are grounded. Once you are balanced and grounded, you will see that you can connect to the elements, and you can be strong. Light a candle and let the five elements fill you and guide you.

Take a candle, any color or any kind and hold it. You then need to set an intention while you look at the candle. Light the candle and then say a request or a prayer. You have used the element of the spirit to set your intentions.

Holding the candle can help you to have something solid to hold on to. This can represent the earth element. Then, when you light the candle, this represents the fire element. Let it burn and hold your hand above the flame and feel the heat. This is energy that is being released inside of you. Notice the melting wax and how it is now a liquid. This is the water element.

Why Do the Elements Matter?

Once you understand that there are five elements, you can understand why they are important. Balancing these elements can help you to live a life that is strong in your emotions, physical being and in your mind. The elements can connect with you, and you can be more creative and motivated to live your best life.

Look at the world in the form of the elements and find out your own balance. There are four energies that can balance your life and fire should be one of them that brings life into you. If you feel that you aren’t motivated, you need to go out into the sun and see if this helps you. This can make you more balanced.

If you feel sad and you spend the day crying, you might have too much energy and you need to be creative and do something that gets rid of some of the energy. This can help you water down your energy so that you feel better.

Look at the abilities that you have and make sure that you have balance. Here are some ways to handle the elements and what they are:


  • North.
  • Green or brown.
  • Helps with grounding, money, and finances.
  • Objects can include stones, dirt, vegetables, bears or the ground.


  • East.
  • Red.
  • Helps with love, energy, and passion.
  • Objects can include candles, fireworks, dragons, and bonfires.


  • West.
  • Blue.
  • Helps with healing, calmness, and intuition.
  • Objects can include fish, boats, mermaids, and dolphins.

Everyone is different and there is a natural world around you. Each person, animal, tree, plant, or anything living is part of the elements. When you see the elements around you, you can relate to them, and you can be stronger in your environment.

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