Spirit Guides

Most people have a desire to connect with their spirit guides and the problem is that sometimes they just don’t know how to do it.

Steps to Reaching the Spirit Guides

There are different steps you can use to reach your spirit guides and here are some of them:

Always be Prepared

Take time to meditate and to be prepared. Find a place that is quiet where you won’t be disturbed and bothered. Allow yourself around half an hour.

Find the Relaxed Position

Find a place to sit that is comfortable. If you prefer to lay, do that. Do whatever technique that you can in order to be comfortable.

Light a candle or listen to music to help you relax better.

Call on Them

Call on your spirit guides and ask them to send you messages. You can do this by saying whatever is on your heart.

Ask them to show up to you and to give you answers to the questions that you have.

Trust Them

After you ask them to show up to you, trust yourself and listen to what messages you are getting.

Listen for the Response

Stay in a quiet area and keep listening until you get the answers you are seeking. Keep your mind clear and relax.

Stop focusing on your thinking and learn to be still and quiet.

Accept the Answers

Learn to accept the answers that your guides give you. You have to understand that whatever answer that you get, it is what you asked for.

Be aware of your experience and practice this as you learn to interact and pay attention to your conscious thinking.

You may not always be aware of the answers that you get, this is okay. Learn to accept whatever happens when you talk to your guides.


Be thankful that your guides are there for you and let them know that you are thankful. You can do this at any time and when your guides talk to you, you will be pleased with this.


You can meditate and this can help to clear your mind. Allow yourself to have power with your guides. When you have doubts, you can ask someone to give you support and ask your guides to show up.

You need to have strong vibrations in order for your spirit guides to show up and use your visualization to help them to reach you.

Always be Prepared

When you are ready to meditate, make sure that you are prepared. Take time that you need to set up and to be able to be uninterrupted for at least half an hour.

You can play some music in the background and this can be helpful to you.  If you are new at meditation you can start short and then let it get longer. There are also guided meditations that you can watch.

Focus on how you breathe and focus on being successful. Use your breath to make sure you are calm and that you are not letting your emotions get the best of you.

When you are meditating, state what you want in your life and your intentions. Let your guides advice you and learn to relax and deep breathe.


Imagine that you are walking on a path in life and you can imagine this path to be anything that you want it to be. It can look anyway that you want it to be.

You can have anyone walk with you on your path and see whatever you want along the way including birds or flowers or trees. Allow yourself to smell the world around you and as you go down the path, you come across a place that is cleared out.

You see a bridge and some water that is calming and clear. The bridge allows you to cross it easily and as you do, you see some vines and a beautiful stone wall.

The wall has an archway and there are steps. You go up the steps and then your surrounding changes and you are in a place full of flowers. This helps you to find your soul and helps you to realize that you are safe.

You are happy and you see a cabin and you go inside, and it has everything that you need. You wish and you wait, and you know that your guide has taken you to this place.

You go and you feel safe and you feel that you can ask for anything that you want. When your guides come into the room you are happy that they are there. They tell you their names and they give you a gift.

You feel love and compassion from them, and you know that they understand you. They give you hope, and joy and they help you to remember who you are. You leave your spiritual place and are back at your physical body.

You take time to write down everything you felt, and you saw, and you realize that you have truly reached your spirit guides.

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